Mary Padian Net Worth: How Rich Is The Storage Wars Star?

Mary Padian is a reality television personality from the United States. She has been known for her appearance on A&E’s hit show “Storage Wars,” which follows people who bid against each other to acquire storage units that were once used as inadequate living spaces or garages to make them into extra rooms within your house–or sometimes just get rid of them completely!

A self-proclaimed “realtor vegan perpetual fixer-upper,” Mary’s net worth is estimated at around $600K by 2021 due primarily because her continues buying properties even after they’ve already sold (which seems like an inefficient way of making money).

Full Name Mary Padian
Birth Date August 24, 1980
Birth Place Dallas, Texas, United States
Profession Reality TV personality
Relationship Status N/A
Net Worth $600 thousand

Mary Padian Childhood

Mary Padian, who was born on August 24th, 1980 in Dallas Texas became interested in scrap metal work after seeing her father’s success in creating new items from old ones. She even adopted some aspects of this skill for herself and has been able to create a successful career out of it despite growing up without both parents around due to only one being involved legally until they divorce when she was just 6 years old which caused them both having less time together while still maintaining their close relationship throughout these tough times.

Mary is the oldest of three children. She has a large number of relatives, more than 42 cousins! Mary attended University where she earned her degree in photojournalism and interned at D Magazine shortly after graduation.

She’s always had an interest or two; many things pique one’s curiosity about them – but this fascination can quickly turn into obsession when you’re faced only with finding out as much information possible on one subject (in our case here: “I won’t know everything”). Luckily for us readers who happen upon such individuals like Mary, we’re gifted with a chance to learn more about Mary and her life than we would have thought possible.

Mary Padian Net Worth & Career

Mary moved to New York as an adult and began working for Paige Rense, the editor of Architectural Digest. During this time she also developed an interest in found objects which eventually led her into video production on YouTube where they document everything from furniture finds all over NYC (and beyond!)to DIYs around home renovating tasks such as painting or installing hardwood floors!

Mary’s ability to extract gold from trash earned her a spot on the reality TV show “Storage Wars.” Since then, she has been one of its most frequent cast members and even got nicknamed “The Junker.” It seems like viewers are impressed with how much creativity this lady displays when selling items in auctions – not only does Mary make it look easy but there must be some sorta magic behind it because nobody else can do what she just does!

Mary has been successfully running an upcycling business for years, but she decided to take the next step and launch her online store. She named it “Mary’s Finds” after herself!

Personal Life of Mary Padian

Mary Padian is an entrepreneur who has been in the news for all of her accomplishments. She’s currently dating fellow Storage Wars cast member, Dylan but it doesn’t appear that this relationship will be revealed anytime soon since they’re both very private people with busy lives – not to mention there aren’t many photos or any other information available about them when you look at their social media accounts!

Mary Padian’s Net Worth

By 2021, Mary Padian’s net worth is estimated at $600K! She accumulated this fortune through hard work on the show Storage Wars where she was awarded a single episode salary of 15k

In just 5 short years since its premiere in 2009; ‘TheStorageTravelers’ has grown into one successful television franchise featuring both owned and operated stores as well as an extensive cataloging service for retailers across North America. Mary’s talents lie not only in her restoration abilities but also in her abilities of networking where Mary has established partnerships with some of the largest retailers across North America, Mary also has a new business venture in urban upcycling.

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