Matt Pokora Net Worth: How Rich is Christina Milian’s Partner?

Matt Pokora Net Worth

Matt Pokora, a French singer-songwriter and coach on The Voice Kids France and The Voice: La Belle Voix. Matt has been well recognized for his work as the lead vocalist of Mic Unity which gained notoriety in 2003 when they won Star Academy’s 4th season singing competition. You can find out all about his history with this article by scrolling down to learn more! Matt Pokora Net Worth is $8 million.

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Matt Pokora
Birth Date September 26, 1985
Birth Place Strasbourg, France
Profession Singer
Partner Christina Milian
Net Worth $8 million

Early life

Matt Pokora was born in Strasbourg, France, to a former professional footballer father and music-loving mother. Matt’s parents separated when he was 13 years old, but that didn’t stop him from following his dreams of becoming an international star like his dad. He attended the Conservatoire National de Region d’Alsace à Saverne before dropping out at 17, thanks to some help from producer Axel Tony. The latter helped get one of Matt’s songs into big rotation on national radio station NRJ which led to fan recognition across Europe, Asia, and Australia. After high school graduation, it seems only natural for someone with such drive and ambition would continue their education by attending university or vocational college where they could focus exclusively on achieving excellence in whatever field they chose.

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Matt Pokora’s Wife- Christina Milian

Matt Pokora is the proud father of two boys, Isaiah and Kenna. He met his American girlfriend Christina Milian at a restaurant in France back in 2017 after being introduced by friends–and their future little ones came quickly! In July 2019, they announced that Matt would be a dad again with son number one, Isaiah arriving on January 10th, 2020. The pair kept everyone guessing when it would finally happen but confirmed she was pregnant for baby #2 right before Christmas last year. On April 24th, 2021, little brother Kenna arrived safely into this world, just six days shy from celebrating his first birthday too!

What is Matt Pokora Net Worth?

Matt Pokora’s bank account is overflowing with cash because of his success as a musician. Although he makes the same amount, $58210.56 per year, as any other French singer does on average for their career trajectory, Matt has been able to make an estimated 1 million dollars thanks to how well-known he is and all the money people are willing to spend seeing him perform live shows or buying one of his albums (and if you haven’t picked up either yet then what are you waiting for?).

Matt Pokora’s net worth currently stands at approximately $1 million due in large part to being such a successful musical artist; this includes earning about 58k euro ($6500) annually just like every other singing professionally in France, but it also takes into account the amount of money he has made on his live shows and album sales.

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Who are the parents of Matt Pokora?

Matt recalls his early years growing up in Strasbourg, France. His father was a former French player and left when he was two years old, followed by the divorce of Matt’s parents ten years later, leaving him to live with his mother mainly. This upheaval leads to an unusual family life that shaped who Matt is today as he lived through shattered homes throughout all stages of development until finally finding peace after high school graduation at 18, which led to college on scholarship where he met Jillian, now wife and new mommy to their two children.

Josquin des Prez was a composer of Renaissance Europe, with his most famous song being Ave Maria. Before becoming an accomplished musician, Josquin had many other passions in life, including football, and wanted to get into the professional league, but later, he decided on music. He studied at College Paul-Emile Victor, where they taught him some basics about literature, Latin, Greek, and history before looking Lycee Aristide Briand for another four years, which focused more heavily on those subjects; this is when he learned how to play multiple instruments like clarinet (which became one of his preferred musical instrument) violin guitar mandolin lute harpsichord, etc.,

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When did matt Pokora pursue his music career?

Matt Pokora is a multi-talented individual whose music can be enjoyed in many different genres. As a member of Linkup, an innovative French R&B group from Mic Unity, he gained fame as one of France’s biggest pop stars before going solo with his self-titled debut album that contained hit singles “She Wants To Move” and “On My Own.” He also rose to prominence on The Voice Kids France and The Voice: la plus belle Voix for coaching alongside fellow coaches Jenifer Bartoli (winner) and Louis Bertignac – all three artists are considered icons within their respective fields.

Matt Pokora first found success early in life by appearing on Popstars, one of the winners. This led to him becoming a member of Mic Unity and then pursuing his solo career afterwards with many hit singles, including “She Wants To Move” and On My Own.”

Who Is Matt Pokora Dating?

Matt Pokora, a French artist, and Christina Milian are in what seems to be an unbreakable relationship. The two have been dating for almost three years now, and they seem like the perfect match – he’s 33 while she is 37-years old. Matt met her during his concert show at Staples Center back in 2017 when both were performing on stage together as part of the tour “The Gifted Man.”

Recently, the French singer and model came out with a public announcement that he is dating Christina. The two are in an exclusive relationship which both parties wish to keep private for now; however, they have been spotted together on numerous occasions since their meeting this summer. They announced from Instagram stories of them holding hands after dinner at Katsuya Hollywood!

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The seemingly happy pair made their relationship public in August 2017 via Twitter but only revealed minor details like when and where they meet–they want to preserve some privacy while it’s new and fresh for them so far. Furthermore, Matt Pokora excitedly announced his first child was coming in 2020 through social media as well!

How tall is Matt Pokora?

One of the most handsome French citizens, Pokora stands at 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 72 kilograms. With his sultry accent and Adonis-like features, he is stunning to behold. This Parisian man has a pleasant voice and plays beautifully on piano with great skill as well.

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How Rich is Christina Milian’s Partner?

Matt Pokora is a famous French R&B singer, songwriter, and dancer who rose to prominence when joining the groups “MC Unity” and Linkup. His most famous hit singles are “It’s Alright,” “Cette Annee-la” (This Year), and Belinda.” Matt Tota was born on October 9th, 1991, in Courbevoie. In 2019, his net worth was $8 million, making him one of France’s wealthiest artists under 40 years old! He has two children with Christian Milian: Kenna, who just turned five months old, and her new sister Kiara due next year in April 2020.

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