Meet Jay Cinco: The Ex-Boyfriend Of Brooklyn Frost And Their Breakup Explored

Jay Cinco is a famous YouTuber and rapper. He is best known for his YouTube vlogs and social media content. He also posts his music videos for tracks on his YouTube channel. He has two YouTube channels, both with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

His second YouTube channel features live streams of gaming sessions with his subscribers. He is equally famous for his large fan-following on TikTok. His TikTok account has amassed more than 782 thousand followers and 23.1 million likes as of 2022.

Jay Cinco Wiki And Age

Jay Cinco is a 19-year old internet personality who has managed to achieve so much despite his young age. He was born and brought up in Watts, California, where he currently lives with his girlfriend, Brooklyn Frost (also from the same neighborhood).

A YouTube star hasn’t revealed the other details regarding family members yet, but they’re most likely just as enjoyable!

Brooklyn Frost Wiki And Age

Brooklyn Frost is a successful YouTuber and TikTok star who has achieved so much in just two years. She was born on 17 August 2004, making her only 16 years old now! She started posting videos on YouTube three months ago and already has one million followers. Most people nowadays don’t get more than 100 views on their posts unless it’s an advertisement or a video trying to get traffic fast for their business.

Did Jay Cinco And Brooklyn Frost Break Up?

The YouTube favorite couple is indeed broken up. Brooklyn and Jay were dating for a year before they announced their breakup last month. They both say that the breakup was because of all of the lies that were happening. Most of the lies happened on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, where their names were mixed in love stories. In an emotional video posted recently by his account reaches over 10k views as well as earned more than 40 comments, Jay explained that he had to end his relationship with his girlfriend of one year because of the lies and betrayal; Cinco’s ex-boyfriend of Brooklyn frost breakup explored.

She’s only 17 years old, but she has been through a lot in those two short decades. Brooklyn is still hurting from her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Jay. He lied to her about his loyalty, and he wasn’t grateful for her or anyone else’s hard work. The thing I love most about this story, though? Well, apart from just how tragic some people can be, there were also two great guys waiting on bended knee (or should I say foot?)

Jay Cinco And Brooklyn Frost’s YouTube

Jay Cinco and Brooklyn Frost are two of the most popular YouTubers on YouTube, with her channel having 261 thousand subscribers. Her second account, called More CIncola, has 10k followers alone!

She also owns an impressive number for someone who started just last year: 830k people voted ‘yes’ when they liked or disliked one video about how this couple broke up because their relationship wasn’t working anymore – but why did it happen?

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Two years ago, the internet was abuzz with a YouTube couple that appeared in many videos together. Brooklyn introduced Jay as her boyfriend and revealed their history when they met on his channel nova out healthy life in April 2021! The two were an example of how social media can bring people closer than ever before – but sadly, it appears like this relationship didn’t last either way forever.

They had also opened up about how the two exactly met for the first time on Brooklyn’s channel. They were the hyped-up couple in the YouTube community. Sadly, they are officially no longer together. Fans will not get to see the former lovebirds together anymore.

Social Media Reach

Beyond YouTube and Instagram, Brooklyn Frost has also become an active social media user. Her Twitter account consists of 1355 followers, which she uses to inform people about her music career. Jay Cinco only had 12 posts on his profile before deleting it at a 300k follower count because, according to himself, “it was just getting too commercial.” meet jay Cinco’s ex-boyfriend of Brooklyn frost breakup explored.

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