Michael Rubin Net Worth – Detail On Self-Made Billionaire Personal Life

Michael Rubin’s Net Worth

$6.2 Billion

Michael Rubin’s story is one of entrepreneurship and innovation. The American entrepreneur has a net worth of $6 billion as he continues to grow his business empire across multiple industries including sports equipment, apparel manufacturing & retail sales with Rue La La Ltd., an online shopping destination for women in addition to Fanatics LLC -the world leader in licensed sports gear worldwide; Michael also chairs both companies which are privately held organizations based out Philadelphia PA USA. Michael’s passion for business is what drove him to launch a new brand Michael Kors in 1981 and he hasn’t stopped since.

Quick Facts About Michael Rubin

Michael Rubin Estimated Net Worth $6.2 Billion
Age 48
Date Of Birth July 21, 1972
Gender Male
Profession Businessman
Married/Dating Girlfriend: Camille Fishel
Ex-wife: Meegan Rubin
Children Kylie Rubbin and Romi Rubin
Height 5 feet and 10 inches (1.8m)

Michael Rubin Career – How Did He Become a Self-made Billionaire?

Michael’s net worth has grown from $2.3 billion in 2011 to over 6 billion now! He founded several companies that have gone on the dominate industries, which explains why his fortune increased drastically during this period – he is one powerful businessman with many skills under pressure (and not only).

Michael’s business was not an easy ride to success. Many competitors tried their best for this young entrepreneur, but he didn’t fear anything since the beginning of his journey! Rubin started when he was 12 years old by opening up a ski tuning shop at home in town while also managing three other locations that had just opened up over two months before college began – all thanksgiving season Hard work pays off as does being able to trust yourself after putting everything into what could fail. As clichéd as it sounds sometimes, Michael is living proof of what it means to be committed enough to see your dreams come true.


Michael’s business acumen knew no bounds. He got the golden chance of buying highly discounted pieces at $17,000 (the original price was 200k). And by re-selling these products for 75K he made a huge profit – within a few years! By 1995 KPR Sports had generated about 50 million worth in revenues and so that year Michael used his tactics yet again; this time acquiring a 40% stake in Ryka shoe company that manufactures women’s athletic footwear.

After three years in 1998, Michael expanded his business by creating a logistics and apparel company called GSI Commerce (initially known as Global Sports Incorporated). But in 2011 Rubin sold the company to eBay for $2.4 billion – making him one of their most successful investors ever! First, he repurchased all consumer businesses including Fanatics, Rue La la Shop Runner & Kinetic; then merged them into a new organization called ” KYN patriot”

Who Is Michael Rubin’s Girlfriend? Detail On His Love Life

The couple has been together for many years. They are deeply in love and are often seen attending parties or other places of importance to them, such as the billionaire’s office where he works tirelessly on business ventures while she stays at home cooking their meals (and probably cleaning). It seems that they might soon exchange wedding vows!


Then, Michael became blessed with another girl child, Romi Rubbin, in July 2020 with his current girlfriend, Camille Fishel.

Past Marriage And Relationship

Michael is a widowed man who has been linked to several women over the years. He was married once, but his marriage fell apart and he left for another woman in 2011 after 10 years of being with Meegan Rubin – an award-winning dance teacher here locally!

In the 2012-13 season, they were seen at some events together including’s birthday celebration where you could tell there was still something between them…

Does Michael Rubin Have Kids?

When Michael became a dad for the second time, this time with Camille as his girlfriend and Romi taking up residence in their lives.


Michael Rubin Wiki – Age And Family

Outside of the family, people might not know that Michael is the son of Ken and Paulette Rubin. He was born on 21st July 1972 in Pennsylvania U.S, and his birth sign is Cancer (just like its name). His father’s profession as a veterinarian while his mother practices psychiatrist which gives her an edge over other doctors when it comes down to treating patients with mental illnesses or stresses related issues such as anxiety attacks etc.

Michael Rubin Education

Michael attended the school in his hometown. However, he did not attend any other form of higher education after high-school and Villanova University was where it all stopped for him six weeks later!

Interesting Facts About Michael Rubin

  • Michael is followed by 272K people on his Instagram, @michaelrubin.
  • At the age of eight, Michael began his small business by selling vegetable door to door.
  • When his company, KPR Sports made about $1 million in annual sales, Michael was only 21 years old.
  • In 2018, Michael bought the penthouse in Manhattan, worth $43.5 million.
  • He has a close friendship with rapper Meek Mill.
  • Michael’s religion is Christian.
  • His nationality is American.

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