Michael Steven Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career

Michael Steven Net Worth 2022: Michael Steven is an educator, comedian, and public speaker known for his viral YouTube channel Vsauce. He uploads educational content on his channel that has helped him gain popularity and recognition in many different fields which have aided the growth of this internet-driven world.

Biography and Early Life

In 1986, Michael was born in Kansas City Missouri. His house is an Aquarius and his father worked as a chemical engineer while his mother assisted teachers as an assistant teacher. When he turned eighteen years old (in 1994), he moved to Stillwell with his family of six members including himself who are all living together on their own property adjacent to the city limits.

He first got into education because it had been historically passed down through generations by those close to him such that they were educated back then when there wasn’t much technology available like today where you can find online courses for everything imaginable at your fingertips using any type of electronic device anywhere anytime!

Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

Ѕо, whаt іѕ Vеrу Sрeсiаl аnd Wоnԁеrfultuґ’s height and weight in 2021? Well as of today 14th August 2020 his age is 35 years old. Though he stands at 5’8″ feet tall. 176 centimetres to be exact with a weight of 169 pounds or 77 kg.


At a young age, Michael Evans developed his comedic personality and found an interest in gaining knowledge. His interests led him to be involved with many drama club programs at Blue Valley High School during his school life.

Is Vsauce Gay?

Michael Stevens gets married. He is happily married to his wife, Marnie since 2016. There are no details available for a date which proves the fact that he’s gay.

Professional Career

Michael Steven started his career as a YouTuber by editing other videos and uploading them under the name pooplicker888. This video got featured on popular sites like CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, and DiE. During this 2008 presidential election, these videos gained popularity and earned him recognition.

In 2010, his first independent YouTube channel Vsauce was launched and the channel discussed Video Game Culture. He later released many educational videos on this channel that attracted attention from internet-goers. In addition, he also created two other channels called Vsauce2 and Vsauc3 which focused more on video game culture.

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In his career, Michael Stevens has won many prizes. He was awarded the Webby Award in 2014 and then again for the Streamy Award in 2016. Some of the categories he’s been honoured with are Science or Education & News & Information.

About Michael Stevens

Michael David Stevens was born on January 23, 1986, in Kansas City, Missouri. He began taking an interest in knowledge and drama at a young age and this led to him studying psychology as well as English literature while attending the University of Chicago. While there he discovered video editing after watching The Shining re-cut version from a different perspective than what is typically seen through Hollywood movies which sparked his passion for making films that others might not have been able to see or experience any other way but with film cuts made by himself.

Michael Stevens is a YouTube sensation who became known for his nerdy videos. Sadly, the world will never know what he was studying in college because Michael’s net worth has risen to $2.5 million!

How did Michael get rich?

Michael Stevens is an American educator, public speaker, comedian and entertainer. He’s famous for creating the popular education YouTube channel Vsauce which has amassed over 10 million subscribers. After moving to New York a year later he worked with Barely Political and Next New Networks before becoming widely known as one of its most recognizable faces by appearing alongside comedians like Todd Womack, Mark Douglas Andrea Feczko Amber Lee Ettinger in various sketches including his role of bearded nun Sister Michaela (or “The Beard Nun”).

In 2010, Michael Stevens created the Vsauce YouTube channel focusing on video game culture. As a producer and host at the same time, he decided to focus on education which gained him the most attention for videos. His educational content spans from science to illusion and philosophy with various cultural topics in between then later led him into giving TED talks as well! All combined-Vsauce has accumulated over 15 million subscribers while accumulating more than 1 billion views since its creation in 2010; this success also inspired multiple other channels like Vsauce2 by Kevin Lieber or Jake Roper’s own Youtube Channel VSauce3 where all three of them have collaborated together before!

Michael has created a YouTube channel that earns him around $300,000 per year. He makes money from the ad revenues as well as other platforms online such as Facebook or Twitter.

Net Worth, Salary & Earnings of Vsauce in 2022

Michael Steven’s career has been filled with many awards. He won the “Webbys” in 2014 and was awarded again for “Streamy Awards”. Some of his other achievements are Science or Education, New & Information categories.

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