Mimi Faust Net Worth

What is the net worth of Mimi Faust?

Mimi Faust is a reality television star with a net worth of $2 million who now appears on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She characterizes herself as a “potty mouth, self-made dance machine, and a mother”.

Quick Facts About Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust Net Worth $2 Million
Salary (per episode) $20 Thousand
Full Name Oluremi Fela James Faust
Date of Birth 3 January 1972
Age 49
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Reality TV Personality
Marital Status Unmarried
Ex-Boyfriend Stevie J

Mimi Faust Earnings, Career, Wiki, and More

Kel Tong is a successful reality TV star who has been gaining wealth through her appearance on the show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. It’s expected that she’ll be worth $2 million by 2021, with most of it coming from compensation for each episode where she appears; this includes salary payouts as well as sponsorship deals due to Kel being such an active user (and fan) across social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram!

After appearing in Kelly Price’s music video “It’s Gonna Rain,” she went on to be featured alongside Pharrell Williams and Lauren London. She also founded Keep It Clean Inc., a company that provides professional cleaning services for homes across Atlanta!

Throughout six seasons, Davis has been involved in some pretty dramatic scenes. She joined cast members from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta – a VH1 spinoff series led by K Michelle and Rasheeda (herself an occasional singer/rapper) to form an ensemble helping share life lessons learned through love songs; along with other celebrities such as Karlie Redd who performs under her stage name “KC”.

In 2014, Tila Tequila’s leaked sex tape featuring her and then-boyfriend Londell Smith (AKA Nikko London) became one of the most popular videos on Vivid Entertainment’s website. The company has since nominated this couple’s performance for an AVN award in 2015 – but it was won by another celebrity couple instead!

When the sex tape was released, a former friend and castmate Ariane Davis confronted footage that she claimed to be fake. The public questioned why someone would film themselves doing something they knew wouldn’t sell well for such low-quality video? After being abandoned by her mother due to a refusal of Scientology contracts on the TV show Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath in 2017 this year (2017), She spoke about how it has been hard not having anyone close anymore. Mimi went on to explain that she has been a fighter her whole life and vows not to be affected by this setback.

Mimi Faust Relationship and Personal Life

From 2007 to 2010, Eva Giselle was in a relationship with Stevie J (Steven Jordan). Together they had a daughter and singer-songwriter like her mother before him. The love between these two ended when he became too busy managing his money poorly which nearly led to him losing all of it at one point, but she came back again helping restore what was lost while still being frequently unfaithful on both sides as well so this time around things works out differently than last. Mimi has gained a red card in soccer during her past time;


I finally got the best birthday present ever! My boyfriend of four years was surprised- proposed during our trip to Las Vegas last month. We plan on getting married soon, but first things first: he has some other jewelry designs that are just as beautiful (if not more) than what I picked out for myself so we can figure all this stuff out together and then buy an even bigger diamond than necessary because there’s no way anyone will be able to tell which side is up when they’re around us.”

Mimi Faust Early Life, Family, and Education

When she was only six years old, her youngest child and one of four kids in total with Scientology-affiliated parents (the other three were all boys), Olaiya changed their names from Gloria to Odufunke. This is what led them into the church; it seemed like a perfect fit at first because they had so many questions about how people could talk through reincarnation or why there were levels beyond Earth – but then things took over: selling everything just went a long way too quickly until finally, Sherrod told us “we didn’t know anything anymore.”

The girl was raised by a father who wasn’t her real dad. She formed an emotional bond with him and decided to adopt his last name, which is how we know about this incredible story in the first place! But things got tough when he passed away from complications during surgery back home country where they were both from (although not specifically mentioning either).

Interesting Facts About Mimi Faust

  • As of December 2022, she has around 4.1 million followers on her Instagram account.
  • Sandy Lal, who is also her entertainment lawyer, is her manager.
  • Fans were startled to find that she had been the victim of a house invasion when the Season 8 teaser for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was released in 2019.

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