Is Monica Beets Pregnant? Get To Know About The Husband, Baby And Personal Life Of The Star

Monica Beets: Monica Beets is a Canadian reality television star. He gained fame through Discovery’s Gold Rush. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Gold Mining. It is not uncommon to see a woman risk her life for a very dangerous job. He took a much bigger risk. Monica attracted media attention for being such an exceptional woman.

Monica has been married to her husband Taylor for some time now. They had been in love and dating before. But they did not hurt anyone. The couple faced a pregnancy rumor in 2019. Later it was found out that the rumor was true. Monica and Taylor had a daughter.

Recent rumors of her second pregnancy have once again taken fans by surprise. In August, rumors started circulating on the internet. Some fans have even congratulated the star on this news. Monica, however, did not comment on the matter.

She also did not confirm rumors of her first pregnancy. So it is possible that she wants to hide this pregnancy. Only time will tell if this rumor is true. A few pieces of evidence noticed by fans indicate that this may be true.

The Pregnancy Rumor

Monica’s pregnancy was a topic of great interest for fans and media alike. She never confirmed or denied the rumors, but she let out news about it in an understated way when talking with family members before scaling machinery on-screen in the 14th episode this season! Her dad Tony indirectly spilt beans during scenes where he mentioned “granddaughter” coming soon enough – watch because you may see your favorite star give birth live streaming video below:

Firstly, Monica says this:

I’m pregnant and I’m still smaller than both of you.

To which Tony has replied with:

Careful with my granddaughter so to speak

It’s going to be a baby again, and this time we hope its measurements are smaller than before because last time they didn’t come out quite right when putting up with our new carpeting in the playroom.”

To which Tony has replied with: Monica beets pregnant husband baby.

Watch out for my granddaughter; she’s a little thing.

From their conversation, it sounds like she is indeed pregnant. Many fans had noticed Monica’s sickness and further escalated the rumor that leads us to believe this may be true!

Personal Life

Monica Beets was born in the Yukon on 7 November 1993 to Tony Beets and Minnie Beet. She grew up with three other siblings, who are also coal miners like herself! It looks like Monica is following in their footsteps – she currently stars as one herself for the Gold Rush TV show, which began filming back when this beauty still had braces (we’re talking about before they were cool).

Monica was just an average girl living with her parents and brothers for the longest time. But she had a secret that nobody knew about-she used to work as part of one crew on a gold mine back in 2016 when they were still putting me in charge! We both learned a lot from this experience. I realized that my skills would be helpful on a team with machinery and heavy equipment. Monica realized how essential teamwork is for achieving goals (after all those years playing games like Capture The Flag).

Quick Facts About Monica

Age 28 years
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 62 kg
Ethnicity Caucasian

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Meet The Husband Of The Reality T.V. star

When Monica met her husband, he was already married and had two children from a previous relationship. After six years of being friends on Facebook, the two eventually got together, which led them into marriage in 2018 with close friends as guests at their weddings, including reality T.V. starlet/entrepreneur Taylor Mayes (who also happens to be Tyler’s stepmother). It appears unlikely that we’ll ever see him appear again, but this doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t keep tuned in!

The couple had been speculated to be broken up for some time now. With a private profile, Monica is no stranger to the internet’s scrutiny and speculations about her love life; but for now, at least they seem happy enough in private with their little one on board!

Past Relationships

Monica had a history of bad relationships before she met her now-husband. She dated fellow cast member Park Schnabel and later Brandon Harper, another co-worker from the show. It looks like it worked wonderfully for Monica after she stopped dating other people who work alongside or compete against him in business!

Social media Reach

Monica’s Instagram account is a great way to get perspective on what it takes for one person (Monica) and her family members in their daily lives. Her posts often include pictures of her adventures while working as both miners and fishers, insight into how they live off the off-the-grid with no electricity at times – just firewood! There are also photos showing more personal moments between themselves, such as dad playing the guitar by candlelight after dinner–it will make you feel like part of this underdog story too!

What Is Her Net Worth?

The exact figure of how much Monica has made is still under the rug. However, many sources claim that her worth is estimated as somewhere around $1 million. The amount is estimated on the basis of her earnings throughout the show. She makes around $200k from the show alone. The profit from her findings is also added to her net worth.

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