Is Nadia Bjorlin Pregnant Again? Meet The Husband Of The Actress

Nadia Bjorlin Pregnant: Nadia Bjorlin is an American actress, singer, and model who has appeared in many television series. Most fans recognize her from the popular soap opera, Days Of Our Lives as Chloe Lane.

A few rumors speculating about her pregnancy have been surfacing on the internet, specifically on Twitter. The actress was last pregnant back in 2017. However, the recent news turned out to be a baseless rumor only. Nadia is not likely to be pregnant in 2022.

The actress is in great shape and doesn’t have a baby bump.

Is Nadia Bjorlin Married?

Nadia Bjorlin is one lucky woman. Not only does she have a love of a successful husband, but also six years’ worth!

The couple first met on Valentine’s day in 2014 and were introduced by mutual friends who knew they would be perfect for each other, according to news reports from August 2015. It didn’t take long before these two officials decided that all was well between them- within 3 months after dating exclusively nonstop since then too.

The couple was happily engaged for almost a year before finally tying the knot on 15 May 2015. They welcomed their first son Torin Mathias in 2016 with an adorable arrival video that captured all of our hearts! A year later came Viggo Sebastian (our second child) onto this world – we were so excited to see what kind of personality he would have, unlike many boys who are born after their fathers become husbands/father figures because there’s always some sort-a mentor relationship between them;

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Who Is The Husband Of Nadia Bjorlin?

Nadia’s husband, Grant Turnbull, is a home builder and property developer. Apart from his entrepreneurship (which we’ll get to later), he’s also an actor in several television series or movies! The best part? They’re both adorable- in case you were wondering.

The star herself has been married since 2008 when she met Mr Turner while they studied together at the Edinburgh College of Art – where her dad taught film production too!. They’ve got two adorable sons named Fraser Jr, born in 2011, and Magnus, born in 2014.

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What Happened To Nadia Bjorlin And Brandon Beemer?

The actress has dated several men before she finally found her Mr Right. One such highly publicized relationship of hers was with the American actor and model, Brandon Beemer.

The popularity of both the public figures caught a lot of media attention. The former couple was together for a really long time. In fact, many records show that Nadia and Brandon were together for seven years.

Reportedly, the two had already parted their ways a year before Nadia met her now-husband Grant.

Past Relationship And Breakups

Nadia is linked to many other famous personalities. In 2001, Who mentioned her name in connection with radio personality Frank Kramer but the two didn’t date long, according to sources ( source ).

Were they rumored engaged for a few years before breaking up – around the 2003/2004 timeframe, I believe? And then there’s Bruce Willis.

Personal Life

The actress Nadia Bjorlin was born on 2 August 1980 in Newport, Rhode Island, to father Mats Ulf Stefan Bjorlin and mother Fary. The family moved between Sweden and Stockholm a lot when she grew up. But finally, they settled in Stockholm and stayed there until they moved again a few years later. This time, they went down south and eventually settled into American life. They have two brothers (Alexandar Jr & Jean-Pau), three half-siblings from her mother’s previous marriage, and one sister who lives right next door.

When she’s not on stage or in films, you can find Nadia singing for her family. The 38-year old beauty has accumulated over 126k followers since starting to share videos of herself with only one word each: gipsy!

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Her Instagram is a treasure trove of photos celebrating holidays and family life. The woman often looks happy in her loved ones’ company, which gives us hope that she can get contagious that same sense of joy!

Nadia hails of Swedish Iranian ancestry. The actress has accumulated 126k followers on her Instagram handle. Her bio reads:

Gypsy. Storyteller. Mother.

Her Instagram pictures frequently feature her family celebrating holidays. Nadia looks pretty happy in her family life.

Net Worth

The actress Nadia has an approximate net worth of $2 million. The majority, if not all, of her fortune, is from acting endeavours which puts it at a near sweep for herself alone, but how much her husband would’ve made during this period remains unknown as there’s still plenty under rugs to go through. Yet!


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