National Security Steve Zahn Net Worth

How much money does Steve Zahn make?

$20 Million

In 1994, Steve Zahn made his breakthrough in Ben Stiller’s comedy Reality Bites. He went on to appear in several films and television shows throughout the 1990s including That Thing You Do!, Out Of Sight as well a play on Broadway before landing lead roles with Presbyterian Hospitality House (a nonprofit organization) where he currently stars to help treat addiction victims through theatre arts programming.

Quick Facts About Steve Zahn

Steve Zahn Net Worth $20 Million
Full Name Steven James Zahn
Date of Birth November 13, 1967
Age 53
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.71 m)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Comedian, Voice Actor
Relationship Status Married
Wife Robyn Peterman

Steve Zahn Earnings, Career, and More

Zahn’s net worth is $20 million, which he earned via a variety of popular films and voice acting in animated blockbusters. He also worked on the 2005 film Sahara for which IMBD reports salary earnings to be just under 2M dollars – not including any other projects or roles that have come up since then!

He was praised for his performance as Drew Barrymore’s deadbeat ex in Riding with Boys (2001) and has gone on to appear regularly on television, playing Davis McClary on HBO’s Treme. Zahn won’t stop at one role though; he currently stars as Bad Ape alongside Woody Harrelson!

Steve Zahn Relationship and Personal Life

Steve Zahn is a lucky man. Not only does he have an 18-year career in acting, but also when it comes to family life with Robyn Peterman – his wife of more than 15 years and mother of their two children–the bond between them seems stronger than ever!

Zahn’s family history is filled with love and happiness. He married his sweetheart, the gorgeous American actress Angela Lansbury in 1994 who gave birth to their two children: Henry (born 1996)and Audrey Zathana militias(1997). The couple bought a cabin in Pennsylvania where they spent weekends together before moving onto another farm just outside New Jersey; this time around it was more than 360 acres that included horses as well! There are plenty more adventures waiting inside those walls so come on down if you’re ever feeling lonely!

Steve Zahn Early life and Education

He grew up in Mankato, Minnesota where he attended Kennedy Elementary School. His parents later became executive members of the YMCA and served as leaders for many years while Zahn himself went on to win two state speech championships at high school! In 1986 this young man graduated intentionally wanting to join USMC but instead found success with Robbinsdale Cooper’s drama club performing plays such as “Bye-bye banana” which helped him graduate with honor role owning three GI Joes (1st Class) amongst other accomplishments.

Zahn dropped out of college after one semester to pursue acting. He went on to attend Harvard University’s Institute for Advanced Theater Training, where he earned a Master’s in Fine Arts degree!

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