Paddy McGuinness Wife Christine McGuinness? Inside Their Married Life

Christine McGuiness is the beloved wife of Paddy McGuinness. She mostly rose to prominence after her appearance in the ITV reality television show called The Real Housewives Of Cheshire. The McGuiness couple has been married for a very long time.

Her husband is a famous British actor and comedian but she is not too far behind. She is a beauty pageant winner and television star with many of her achievements. She was crowned Miss Liverpool in 2007. But the question fans have is how the couple first met and how many kids they have.

Who Is Christine McGuiness?

When she was just 19 years old, Christine McGuiness won the title of “Miss Common Wealth” and also received first runner-up honors in Liverpool. This success sparked her desire to pursue modeling which has so far been successful for various brands across Ireland!

Her fame wasn’t just limited to modeling. Christine went on, later in her career she worked as an author of a book named A Beautiful Nightmare and has become famous for Instagram where 590 thousand people follow her!

Who Is Paddy McGuiness?

Paddy McGuiness, a native Englishman, and Irishman by birth have been hosting various shows for over two decades. He started in front of the camera as a presenter on Question Of Sport where he interviewed sports figures from around England before moving on to other hosts such as Take Me Out or Top Gear!

He also wrote My Guide To North which covers all things going down at home with family friends hobbies etc… And lastly, His Autobiography called “My Life” tells you everything important about yourself including what Paddys currently up to – shout out to Peter Lay!!

He’s a star in the making! The versatility of this man is nothing short of incredible. From hosting shows like Comic Relief and SportsReality to appearing on television programs such as Paddy And Christine McGuiness: Our FamilyAnd Autism- he has it all covered up under one roof with his charm that will leave you wanting more!!

Christine McGuiness Kids And Family

When Paddy met Christine, she was wearing something that caught his attention. They started dating and eventually got married in Merseyside where it all began for them – this is how one wonder family became two! The couple still rocks today with three kids: twins Leo (born 2013)and Penelope; plus baby girl Felicity(2016).

The mother of three adorable children has proudly flaunted her fit body only a few months after the birth of Felicity. She had given birth to her after her C-section and somehow managed to get back up on the healthy ground again! Her fans were impressed by this transformation; many said that they could tell how much it hurt but also helped make someone so inspiring in our society today with all their strength when we need them most!

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Christine had always believed that she could not have Autism. She was shocked when her youngest child, Alex took an interest in fitting rooms and picking out clothes for himself at the age of three years old! After bringing him home from the store one day with a new outfit on every trip as if it were going to be his last chance ever – Christine finally realized something wasn’t right about their little boy’s behavior… 

The more questions I asked myself during this period where there were no answers then finally hit me: What would happen if he grew up without knowing why some people couldn’t hear? How would society treat these people? I realized that people will misjudge and discriminate against him for his disability.

However, one important question changed his whole perception of the situation. When asked if he would take the Autism away from his children, he answered no. It was already the part of his children and he did not want to take that away. He eventually made peace and overcame the depression.

Christine found out much later that she too has Autism. She was very upset at the news when she first came to know. Dealing with 5 Autistic kids was not at all easy for her. But she came around to this challenge as well. In fact, her book beautifully depicts her journey to accepting Autism.

She was mad at the paediatrician who broke the news at first. She now finds her kids uniquely talented. They talk about the issues of Autistic children in the recent show called Paddy And Christine McGuiness: Our Family And Autism.

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Paddy McGuinness’s wife Christine McGuinness

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