Param Sharma Net Worth & Wiki: How Rich Is Param Sharma Actually?

Param Sharma Net Worth: Param Sharma is an Instagram sensation from the United States who became famous for his 2013 YouTube video “I Get Everything I Want.” He now owns Chumorocks, which he founded in 2019 to create technology that empowers people around the world with affordable internet access through solar power solutions across developing countries like India and Africa. As of 2021, net worth estimates show $5 million!

Full Name Param Sharma
Birth Date December 7, 1995
Birth Place San Francisco, California, U. S.
Profession Instagram Star
Relationship Status N/A
Net Worth $5 million

Param Sharma Childhood

When Param Sharma was born, he revealed his mother’s name in one of the videos on Instagram. We have yet to learn anything more about her or what happened during their time together before she passed away; however, according to school sources his father is an executive at banks and likely has plenty more stories worth telling if you get him talking!

Param Sharma’s Arrest in 2022

When Param was caught riding in the backseat of a Tesla, he faced charges for two counts of carelessly driving and disobeying an officer.

Net Worth and Career of Param Sharma

There’s no denying that Param enjoys flaunting his opulent lifestyle. He has an Instagram account called “gold coll lavish,” where he describes himself as a gold collar and another one for blue collars, frequently seen mocking people with low status by calling them “low-class peasants.”

Param has a sometimes irreverent and insightful voice on the internet. He’s particularly fond of singling out celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Soulja Boy to let them know how he feels about their style choices, which earned him both criticism from others in pop culture as well an ever-increasing social media following thatARIHANT reached nearly 200k people within 24 hours after releasing his video I Get Everything I Want three years ago!

There is no such thing as a coincidence in the world of crime, and Param has been caught numerous times. He was sentenced to 90 days behind bars after being tried for selling an iPhone on Craigslist back when he wasn’t even 18 years old! It always seems like these scandals could be avoided if people would just think before they act…but it doesn’t seem too late yet again because his lawyer stated that once upon a time (years ago), this young man stole phones randomly until one friend asked him why don’t we sell them together? So there you go – now our explanation: stolen goods can sometimes come full circle. Param Sharma’s Net Worth can be found here on, by searching Param Sharma among celebrities or Param Sharma only.

Sharma was caught on camera last week riding his Tesla while seated in a back sheet, with no driver before him. After being released from jail he went right back to his old habits and bought yet another car- this time at least there’s attached video proof! We’ve all seen how fast these guys can drive but what you might not know is that when they’re sitting down as opposed to standing outside of it (like many people would imagine), even having someone else take control over driving controls allows them still much more freedom than usual.

The CHP caught him in the act, and he was arrested on Monday after they discovered a video that showed him riding a shotgun without wearing any glasses. Driving with an unauthorized person or while autopilot mode is illegal throughout California so if this continues to happen then there will be severe consequences for both Sharma as well his passengers because it’s against safety regulations!

Param Sharma Personal Life

When Param Sharma, the “Instagram Biggest Jerk” is tagged in a post about himself he does not seem to mind at all. His relationship status remains unknown but with all of this news coverage for his controversial acts, it would be hard not to have any dating partners or wives buy now!

Param Sharma Net Worth & Earnings

Param Sharma is a self-made millionaire who has accumulated his fortune through entrepreneurship and writing books on financial planning for people to understand their money better. Recently wrote that he purchased a penthouse in order to look down upon those with less than him; this demonstrates how much enjoyment param takes from dominating others while simultaneously displaying off all of the luxuries available such as expensive watches (estimated value-$60k) or cars like Rolex which cost even more!

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