Param Sharma Net Worth 2022: Age, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Param Sharma Net Worth 2022: Param Sharma is an Instagram star who was recently arrested for riding in the back seat of a Tesla. He’s one of the billionaire Instagram kids, and he has two charges against him: disobeying a peace officer and careless driving.

Full Name Param Sharma
Birth Date December 7, 1995
Birth Place San Francisco, California, U. S.
Profession Instagram Star
Relationship Status N/A
Net Worth $5 million

Early life

Param Sharma was born on December 7, 1995, in San Francisco, California. His mother is Sikha Sharma, and his father is a banking executive who’s yet to be named by Param himself or any other sources. He studied at Albany High School from the early 2010s as one of its troublesome pupils that always tried getting into trouble with others but still had many friends even then when he got kicked out for being too much of an annoyance to teachers and students alike – including his classmates who remember him fondly despite all those pranks just like how they do now every time they see videos about their old friend online!

Param Sharma Net Worth & Career

Param, the rich kid who always shows off his lavish lifestyle on Instagram, never ceases to amaze people with how much money he has. Recently, Param was seen challenging a low-income workers that their fate is sealed because they can’t afford higher education and live in poverty forever.

Param is one of the most controversial online entities. He has been seen targeting celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Soulja Boy on social media, often accusing them of copying his style. However, Sharma’s fame skyrocketed when he released a video titled I Get Everything I Want in 2013 that 170,000 people viewed within 24 hours after its release!

Param’s reputation as a slick criminal is well-known. In 2014, he was sentenced to 90 days after being found guilty of selling an iPhone on Craigslist – not his fault if the phone he had tried to sell turned out stolen! However, early this year, it emerged that Param did steal the phone from one of his friends and has been banned from owning any electronics ever again by Judge Patricia Gorman “to prevent future violations.”

Sharma was recently caught riding his Tesla sitting in a back sheet, with no driver on the front. After getting out of jail, he repeated this activity and bought himself another car from Santa Rita Jail’s very own Tesla dealership that day. In the afternoon, he showed people how quickly it took him to ride his new vehicle while still behind the wheel, all without touching the pedals or steering wheel!

The CHP found that Sharma was riding in the back seat of his Tesla, and he could be facing a strict penalty for driving without someone sitting in front. Though, this is just one charge on top of several others. It’s been reported by many news outlets that he has pleaded not guilty to all charges set against him and will appear before the court again next month with an optimistic attitude about what might happen during proceedings.

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Param Sharma Personal Life

One of the most notorious men on Instagram, Param Sharma is tagged as “Instagram’s Biggest Jerk.” However, he doesn’t seem to care about this label and continues doing what he does best- being controversial by making offensive posts that are often taken down after a few hours because they contain nudity or language deemed inappropriate for social media platforms. His personal life remains unknown, but it has been revealed that his love interests include actress Alia Bhatt (a rumoured ex) and singer Lovish Kashyap. They were photographed with him in March 2018 while attending Manoj Muntashir’s birthday party at Mumbai nightclub White House Black Market.

Param Sharma Net Worth

Param Sharma, the owner of an approximate fortune worth USD 5 million. He loves to flaunt his wealth and dominate the poor by buying a penthouse in the sky with access for only those who can afford it. His favorite part about living there is looking down on them from high up, able to see right into their lives without them knowing he’s even watching!

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