Pardison Fontaine Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Career, Bio & Family Details

Pardison Fontaine Net Worth 2022: Pardison Fontaine is one of the most popular and successful young entrepreneurs in America. Pardison is a very talented singer, songwriter, actor, and producer. Pardison was born with his twin brother on November 16, 2001, to Pardon Fontaine Sr. and Tracye Robinson-Fontaine. Pardison’s father died when Pardison was five years old from a heart attack due to diabetic complications and obesity. Pardison only had his mother to raise him because he was five years old. Pardison Fontaine’s Net Worth in 2022 is $800000.

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Full Name Jordyn Kyle Lanier Thorpe
Birth Date December 29, 1989
Birth Place Newburgh, New York, U. S.
Source of Wealth Rapper, Songwriter
Girlfriend Megan Thee Stallion
Pardison Fontaine Net Worth 2022 $800,000

Early life

Fontaine Pardison has been a pioneer for the indie rap scene in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born on May 12, 1990, and grew up with his parents, who he cites as being “pretty strict,” but because of their support, Fontaine started to get into music when he began attending North Clayton High School, which is about 15 minutes from where they live. Young Thugga started at age 23. He had two albums and then signed with Gucci Mane’s label 1017 Brick Squad Records. Drake signed with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment in 2013, which also made it possible for more rappers to sign there.

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Pardison Fontaine Career

Once getting to the NFL, Pardison Fontaine found himself playing for three different teams but eventually settled with Philadelphia. He has been in and out of jail on multiple occasions because of various legal issues such as assault charges or DUI’s

Fontaine was a promising football player coming from college when he got drafted by New York Jets during his rookie season. Unfortunately, this player has not been able to find a team because they have been injured and other players are doing better than him. This means he can’t find a group. He is making about $900-$2,000 per game. He is not getting any bonuses. It is clear now why Pardison Pardison has been so focused on his music career and not football since he was released from the New York Jets.

Pardison Fontaine was a football player for FAU last year. He played for them in college and got injured but came back to them this year. The fountain had dreams of becoming an NFL player but will need another profession once done with this schooling.

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Personal life

Pardison Fontaine is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of a multi-billion dollar company. On April 5, 1986, he was born in Detroit to two very hard-working parents who would eventually divorce when he was only ten years old.

Partition Fontaine had his first entrepreneurial spirit at age 12 with a lemonade stand called “The Big Shot.” After some time as a struggling college student where Pardon studied business administration while also running three different businesses, one being the transportation for disabled students that allowed him to make $23k per year by charging them 25 cents each day they were transported from North Carolina Central University back home every night after class ended, Pardon founded DreamLife Apparel out of Raleigh, NC in 2011 and then Pardison Fontaine Enterprises LLP out of Atlanta, GA in 2013.

Pardison Fontaine Net Worth 2022

Pardison Fontaine Net Worth in 2022 is $800000 dollars.

Pardison Fontaine Family

The Fontaine family was a very traditional middle-class house. They had many children and were always together as one big happy group with no triangles or conflict to worry about.

The Pardison Fontaine Family is the quintessential example of what it looks like when all your eggs hatch into baby chicks that run around in perfect harmony without any sense of competition between them whatsoever!

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Pardison Fontaine is a graduate of both the University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt Law School.

Pardison’s educational background includes being alumnae from Princeton, Harvard, Yale, and her hometown university – UT Knoxville, where she was valedictorian at graduation. She also has degrees in law, economics, and English. Plus, she studied abroad so that one-day people may read her books!

Pardison Fontaine’s Girlfriend- Megan Thee Stallion

Pardison Fontaine is dating Megan Thee Stallion. They are both influencers in the music industry and have collaborated on a few songs together, which has created some buzz for them!

Pardison Fontaine dated Chicago rapper Riff 3x, but it seems like he’s moved onto someone else now that they’ve broken up Megan Thee Stallion. These famous musicians collaborate often, so this relationship could be pretty serious because their work depends heavily on one another to keep things going smoothly for business purposes alone.

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Who is Pardison Fontaine?

Fontaine’s real name is Pardison Tramayne. Fontaine was born in 1988, making him 27 years old as of 2018. He became famous on Vine by posting comedy videos centred around the now-defunct iPhone app Dubsmash and other video memes popular, such as “Dem Thangs.”

Well, his actual first name might be a little hard to pronounce, so let’s call him “Fontaine” instead! The guy who used to post funny vines with scenes from movies or tv shows has finally grown up into an adult (almost!), and he does not have a YouTube channel anymore, but there are still many cool things about this internet star.

Who Is Rapper Pardison Fontaine? All About Megan Thee Stallion’s Boyfriend

Rapper Pardison Fontaine is the man in Megan Thee Stallion’s life, and he has a lot of notoriety. On March 22, 1995, he was born to rapper Ricky Rozay who also goes by Rick Ross. His dad does not limit himself to rap because his other career interests are acting for TV shows like Empire or movies such as Hustle & Flow, which won an Academy Award for its soundtrack song “It Ain’t Easy.” With roots from Haiti but raised in Miami, Florida, this talented individual has been around music all his life with some serious talent that you can see depicted throughout YouTube videos performing at venues across America alongside big names stars like Young Dolph. In addition to being a musician, there seems no end.

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