Patrick Renna Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor Actually in 2022?

Patrick Renna Net Worth: Patrick Renna is a 42-year-old American actor best recognized for his role as Hamilton “Ham” Porter in The Sandlot. He has also been seen on TV shows such as Boston Legal and The X-Files, but recently he’s gaining popularity due to his TikTok videos that show him playing scenes from Justin Bieber songs like Lonely. As of 2022, Patrick estimated net worth was $1.5 million.

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Patrick Renna
Birth Date March 3, 1979
Birth Place Boston, MA, U. S.
Profession Actor
Wife Jasmin
Patrick Renna Net Worth $1.5 million

Early life

Patrick Renna was born on March 3, 1979, in Boston and is an American actor. He first started his acting career as a child actor when he played the character of Ham Porter in “The Sandlot” from 1993-1994. His performance earned him rave reviews, with one memorable line becoming iconic: “You’re killing me, Smalls!”

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Patrick Renna Net Worth & Career

After earning a significant breakthrough, Patrick first appeared in the 1992 TV series “Salute Your Shorts.” He then had an impressive performance on the small screen across various shows such as “The X-Files” and “Beanstalk.” His most recent appearance was his role as Ronnie Strickland in season 7 of The X Files, which aired back In 1998.

In 2005, Patrick showed up as Warren Peters in the legal comedy-drama series “Boston Legal.” who highly praised him for his excellent performance in this TV series. In 2018 he played Toby “Cupcake” Matkins on Comedy Drama Series Glow which aired until June 20. Smalls is a character from The Sandlot and now has an iconic line: You’re killing me, Smalls!

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Patrick went viral recently after uploading a video to TikTok where he’s standing by himself asking fans to leave him alone because they want autographs or request him to say his famous quote from The Sandlot–“You’re Killing Me, Smalls!” To date, there are over 19 million views on TikTok and over 62 thousand likes.

Patrick Renna Personal Life

Patrick, who has been married to Jasmin for 12 years and is a father of two boys Liam James Patrick (born in June 2020) and Flynn Elias Patrick (born 2006), enjoys spending his time with family. He often takes the kids on outings, such as swimming at the beach or fishing together.

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Patrick Renna Net Worth

Patrick Renna has earned a vast chunk of money from his over three decades of dedication to acting. Starting in 2022, he’s gathered an impressive net worth value of $1.5 million and is just continuing to grow with every new project he takes on! Patrick also practices Scientology alongside his wife, Jasmin. She frequently accompanies him at appearances for the Church, such as fundraisers and events where they give back together because the family does best.

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