Phoenix Carnevale: Her Bio, Age, Net Worth And Dating Life

Phoenix Carnevale is a multi-talented actress, martial arts journalist, on-camera personality, fight commentator as well as a famous fitness expert. She has been featured in a number of movies like BlindspotSuccession, and LightSpeed. However, Phoenix is not just an actress.

She started off her career in the health and wellness sector. She started to teach a range of exciting and inventive workshops at clubs, like Equinox, NYHRC, and NYSC. She has also been to wellness lectures at colleges around New York State.

She has been featured on FOX News, ABC NewsCBS NewsNY1, and the CW11 morning show as a martial arts journalist. Additionally, she has been to national shows like Lifetime Women’s Next Stop New You and Spike TV’s Rocky Marathon.

Phoenix Carnevale Bio

Her love for Bruce Lee and other martial arts movies turned into a career in acting. Phoenix Carnevale was raised primarily by her brother David. When Phoenix was only 8 years old, their mother passed away. Left David to take care of them both. Unfortunately, David couldn’t be more involved due to some circumstances not under his control. As a result, Phoenix grew up without feeling like she didn’t fit in anywhere or having any adverse effects on her life. Phoenix also spent a lot of time with her aunt’s family in Queens.

When she was in the gym, Phoenix felt like everything came together for her. She had never been more aware or fit than during those times at Wat Thepphabandsala—and it all started with a love of Muay Thai boxing! 

The particular type of sport seemed to be just what this health-oriented woman needed after years spent researching different kinds of exercise that would help improve both mind AND body while also being fun (Muay). Phoenix Carnevale’s husband and coach, Dr Darryl Brown, would later complete Phoenix Carnevale’s journey in her pursuit to grow and learn martial arts.

Her Instagram account has 14k followers, and she posts stunning pictures of herself in her workout routines. Phoenix doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, but you can find out more about the actress on IMDB, Phoenix Carnevale I.M.B.D.

Is Phoenix Carnevale Dating Someone?

Phoenix doesn’t have a boyfriend, and it seems like she’s preoccupied with work rather than dating anyone at the moment.

Net Worth

With a net worth of more than 1 million dollars, she is one of the wealthiest people in M.M.A. After appearing on Black Belt T.V.’s parts and creating episodes for the Inside Martial Arts series, later shown by ESPN U network sports show UNITE, Phoenix Carnevale became well-known. She is skilled in acting, martial arts, being a journalist, and showcasing her talents on the screen!

These interviews are a must-watch for any M.M.A. fan. The Wat provides an intimate look at the lives and careers in combat sports. Many fighters share personal anecdotes that they don’t typically share elsewhere, significantly when potentially compromising information like drugs or alcohol usage!

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When it comes to Phoenix’s birthday, everyone wonders if she’ll reveal the big 3-0. She likely has an older appearance because of all those years spent in show business but doesn’t let that fool you – this woman still takes care of what’s inside!

A fitness pro by trade and a renowned career actress might seem like two different things at first glance; however, they both share one primary characteristic: their body armour known as “figure.”

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Phoenix Carnevale: Her Bio, Age, Net Worth And Dating Life

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