Polo G Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, and Career

Polo G Net Worth: Polo G is an American rapper, singer and songwriter best recognized for his singles “Finer Things” and “Fall Out.” In 2021, Polo’s net worth was estimated to be $4 million dollars; however, after releasing “Good Night” in 2023 it quadrupled as he became the first artist ever to receive a Diamond certification from the Grammy awards on streaming-only albums!

Early Life

Polo G is a rapper, singer-songwriter and producer who just turned 22 this year. His real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett and he was born in 1999 in Chicago Illinois to three living siblings; two sisters, and one brother.

Polo G’s first single “I Know” (featuring Quavo) from his debut album titled Montaña will be released on January 12th with the release of an accompanying music video for I know which has been viewed over 3 million times since its upload date on November 4th 2018

Polo, a rapper and producer from Chicago talks about his life growing up in the trenches. He reveals that he nearly died because of an overdose at a club but has since stopped taking Xanax and Ecstasy. In addition to this information, Polo also mentions having had one son called Tremani who is now living with him full-time after being placed into foster care last year due to abuse by their mother’s partner before they were apprehended for her murder on December 27th 2019.

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Polo grew up as a child born into poverty in West Englewood area of South Side Chicago during the late 1980s when gang violence was rife – it’s where many young people find themselves trapped today too – while drugs flooded neighbourhoods as heroin mixed

Polo G’s lyrics are a colourful window into the world of mental health, racism and anger. There is no better rapper to tell these stories than Polo G with his distinct narrative style that stems from Lil Wayne and Tupac Shakur.

Polo G Net Worth and Rapping Career

Polo started his music career by releasing a song titled “ODA”. In 2018, he opened an account in SoundCloud releasing a single Gang With Me. The song instantly gained millions of plays. After getting early attention, he released the other two singles Welcome Back and Neva Cared. Though he gained wide popularity after he released a single titled “Finer Things”. That song gained him huge popularity gaining millions of views.

The career of Pop began to take off with his singles “Pop Out” and “After Hours.” The single, released in 2019 reached the top soon after its release. It was ranked number 11 on Billboard Hot 100 list as a massive hit that amassed 200 million views recorded by Youtube. In response, Columbia Records has signed him up for an exclusive recording contract deal.

Die a Legend was the first album released by rapper Dyin Breed. The tracks on this album have been very popular among Hip Hop fans because they speak to universal themes like human suffering and perseverance through hardship, as well as more specific topics such as being black in America or living with HIV/AIDS.

In the year 2020, Pop’s journey continued as he charted his second song on Billboard Hot 100. His single titled “Go Stupid” was listed at 60th spot in that magical record-breaking list and became more popular than his first album, which reached 2nd place on Billboard 200 with ten of its songs being listed on hot charts by October 2020.

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Polo is an icon of the rap genre who has been on a steady rise to fame. His most recent achievements are inking a song with Lil Tjay and Fivio Foreign, “Headshot” which debuted at number one on Billboard Hot 100 as well as collaborating with Juice Wrld for his single “Hate The Other Side”. Polo’s music success doesn’t stop there- he was recently featured by King Von for their track titled “The Code” after releasing two hit songs Martin & Gina and Epidemic.

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Polo G Net Worth

As of 2022, Polo G’s personal fortune is estimated to be around $4 million. As the gem in the music industry who has only taken a few steps, he has already become one of the most loved rappers. He will surely achieve more success with his talent as time goes on. Till now, as per records show that since starting off at 18 years old (in 2008) until this year when he became 22-years-old (2019), Polo G had amassed a total net worth including what was earned from album sales up till 2020 – which amounted to about three million dollars!

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