Poppy Net Worth

How Much is The Poppy’s Net Worth?

$1.5 Million

Poppy is a singer and songwriter with a net worth of 1.5 Million dollars, who gained most from her Youtube streaming on the YouTube channel “Poppyytmc”. She has been successful in both albums released under her real name Moriah Rose Pereira as well as lowlife music videos which have accumulated over 400 thousand views each!

Quick Facts About

Moriah Rose Pereira Net Worth $1.5 Million
Date of Birth January 1, 1995
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Real Name Moriah Rose Pereira
Gender Female
Nationality United States of America
Profession Singer, Songwriter, and YouTuber

Poppy Net Worth, Career, Wiki, and More

In a world where everyone is trying to be the next big thing, Poppy A Singer Youtuber and Songwriter gained popularity for her albums “Lowlife” And “Everybody Wants To Be Poppy.”

She started her music career by performing at many festivals in 2011. She performed in 2012 including VidCon & DigiTour until she met Titanic Sinclair who was a producer/director. Later they made YouTube videos together on the ‘thatPoppyTV’ channel. Poppy’s music videos became popular on YouTube, at the beginning of her career Poppy was working at Starbucks to fund her passion for making videos and music.

Her music career started in 2015 with the release of her first single “Everybody Wants To Be Poppy”, which was a platinum success.

She followed up this milestone by releasing multiple albums including Bubblebath and Mad Decent collaborations. She also has had personal lines released through Pezo – which is part-owned by Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt Ltd (SMEI). In 2017 she won “Streamy For Breakthrough Artist Of The Year”, an award given out at StreamingResearch dot Co Dot US”.

The first female artist to be nominated for “the Best Metal Performance” Grammy Award, She also dropped another album named ‘Am I A Girl?’ which adds to her net worth. Later she sang one of these singles from there with her web TV series I’m Poppy,” adding even more pizzazz to this news story about how much money some people have!

Relationship and Personal life

Her personal and love life are very private.

It was known that she had a relationship with popular director Titanic Sinclair for several years, but many controversies exist in regards to the details of their marriage-unwanted attention from media outlets due to false reports about herself being “divorceable”. It’s also worth noting they were engaged before breaking up which adds fuel to this mystery fire!

Early Life, Sucess, and Real estate

Moriah Rose was born on January 1st, 1995 in Nashville, TN to her father Kathy Chase-Periera, and stepmother Keith Pereira. Growing up she dreamt of being a Rockette but later changed careers into music after 11 years of dancing for the company Her real name is Moriah Poppy which has become much more known than just “Poppy”.

Her music career began when she was just 18 years old. She moved to Los Angeles and became one of the most successful pop singers, with many hits under her belt including “Boys” which has over 100 million views on YouTube!

Movers & Shakers: Poppy rose from an early age–she started uploading strange videos onto her youtube channel at only 10 years old (which helped pave way for other innovations like social media). This young lady now tours around the US and has sold out shows all across America; plus owns two record labels alongside being the sole member/creative director behind them both Poppy Records and I’m Poppy Records!

Her hit album “Bubblebath” took her to new heights. She’s gained much success since signing with Island Records, and now has an army of devoted fans all over the world!

Interesting Facts About Poppy

  • She is among the wealthiest YouTuber from TN.
  • She debuted on Twitter in January 2011 and on YouTube in October.
  • She is a successful YouTuber who later turned out to be a singer who makes a sport out of mystery.
  • Since the release of her 2020 third studio album ”I Disagree”, she has been much ahead in her income.

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