Prettyboyfredo Net Worth 2022: Height, Age, Career & Girlfriend

Prettyboyfredo Net Worth 2022: Prettyboyfredo, also known as Alfredo Villa, is a famous YouTube personality and Twitch star. He has been uploading NBA 2K gaming videos on his channel for the past decade, garnering millions of views. Prettyboyfredo started by making prank compilations in 2007, but it was not until 2010 that he became well-known with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube alone. Prettyboyfredo’s Net Worth in 2022 is $3 million.

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Alfredo Villa
Birth Date/ Age August 20, 1993/ 27 years old
Birth Place Palm Beach, Florida, U. S.
Profession YouTube Star
Girlfriend Jasmine Jade
Prettyboyfredo Net Worth 2022 $3 million

Early life

It was a hot day in Palm Beach, Florida. Alfred Villa had just been born, and his biological parents abandoned him three months later. Abandoned by family at such an early age led to the creation of Prettyboyfredo: he started using drugs when he was ten years old because it helped hide all that pain from back then; plus, if you become popular enough with your brand on social media sites like IG these days, people will flock around you for more of this fame-producing drug’s supply!

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Villa grew up the life of a foster child. He studied hard in high school, and his classmates came to know him as “Pretty Boy.” With this nickname, he created music on YouTube under Prettyboyfredo.

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Prettyboyfredo Net Worth and Career on YouTube

Dennis “Xavier” Villa, a video gamer turned YouTube sensation, has amassed over 2 million subscribers and over 3 billion views. Though he created the channel in 2009, it would be three years before his first upload of NBA2K15 gameplay footage took off with viewers from all around the world tuning in to see what new tricks Xavier had uncovered on this popular game. The popularity of these videos encouraged him to keep making more for both basketball fans and gamers alike who appreciate his knowledge about various games like Grand Theft Auto V or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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Jesse Ridgeway is a YouTube sensation who uploads videos of playing video games for the past four years. In addition, Jesse made some interesting prank and challenge videos to ensure she entertained his viewers as he gained more popularity. Some examples include “Hilarious GF VS BF Whisper Challenge,” “MY Park Ugly Jumpshot Challenge,” and “New Sports Car for Christmas Prank,” which had over 100 million views!

He has a girlfriend named Jasmine, and together they have formed the YouTube channel “The 2x Family” with over two million subscribers. Villa also has his personal Youtube account Prettyboyfredo which now boasts seven-point three-two million subscribers to date.

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Prettyboyfredo Height, Weight & Measurements

Basketball player Alfredo Villa or Prettyboyfredo is the perfect example of an athlete that has embraced his natural advantages. The five-foot eleven-inch 181 cm tall 76 kg 168 pounds Italian man embraces living a healthy lifestyle. It recognizes how essential it can be to do so to maintain top athletic performance levels. “His body stats like chest size, waist size, and arms are not available at this time.”

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He’s been quoted as saying, “I’m cautious with what I eat these days because you know all too well that being taller gives me more muscle mass than others who don’t have my genetics! And since muscles burn calories faster than fat cells [sic].

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Prettyboyfredo’s Girlfriend- Jasmine Jade

Prettyboyfredo has been dating Jasmine Jade for a long time. The couple started dating in 2013, and on November 11, 2017, he became the father of baby girl Ava. Though they experienced parenthood together, Prettyboyfredo was not living as married to Jasmine while she had their daughter, but by mid-2019, the two were apart from each other again after rekindling things earlier this year before heading back into an amicable break up once more because

Ava is too young to be without her mom or dad around full-time anyways, so it’s best if we take some space right now until then!

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A man went down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life. After a long evening, Jasmine accepted her now fiancé’s proposal with an engagement ring in hand! The two have yet to share their wedding date publicly; however, we can’t wait for them to tie the knot soon enough.

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Prettyboyfredo Net Worth

Prettyboyfredo, with his quirky personality and strong internet presence, has been able to generate a whopping sum of $3 million annually from running the YouTube channel that generates an average of 440k views in one day!

Prettyboyfredo recently disclosed his 5 million dollar mansion through his YouTube Channel. His squad, Savage Squad Hoopers, is now living the high life with their indoor basketball court and movie theatre right in their very own house!

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What did Prettyboyfredo go to jail for?

The guard at the electronics store called in police to apprehend this 19-year old who was stealing video games. When they asked for a bill, he couldn’t produce one and spent 5-6 hours detained by police before being sentenced to probation for one year.

Where Does Prettyboyfredo Live Now?

The YouTuber and his girlfriend started dating back in 2013 when she turned down two of the three marriage proposals he had for her. They have been together since then, living happily with their daughter at Villa’s property in Palm Beach, Florida.

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How Did Prettyboyfredo Get Famous?

The YouTuber, a man who rose to fame with his girlfriend and their daughter through the popular video blog series on YouTube called “The FBE Crew,” acquired an excellent property in Palm Beach, Florida, using his riches. The couple started dating back in 2013 when he proposed three times before she finally said yes.

Who Is Prettyboyfredo’s Sister?

The youngest member of the Prettyboyfredo family is their sister, who they lovingly call LadyHoopStar. She’s a die-hard fan and supporter of her brothers’ music group, so much so that she even started up an Instagram account to post pictures from all different kinds of shows (MKTO). As big fans themselves, it seems like this relationship has been life-changing for them both.

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Does Prettyboyfredo Have A Kid?

The YouTuber, who is 27 years old, has a daughter named Ava Jade. On November 11 of 2017, he and Jasmine Jade welcomed another baby girl into the world. Prettyboyfredo and Jasmine were dating at the time; they weren’t married yet when she was born.

Her father manages Ava’s Instagram account (@prettygirlava) with help from both him and his girlfriend @jasminedalee (who, as it turns out, will be celebrating three birthdays in 2020!). Her latest birthday party pictures are too cute for words!


Prettyboyfredo is an icon for youngsters, especially students who want to show their skills, but don’t get the chance yet. He started his gaming career by playing games to express himself while waiting on more opportunities in life. That passion helped him grow up quickly and become one of the most famous personalities around the world!

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