Puma Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Puma Net Worth: Puma Robinson, better known as Puma, is a famous American reality TV personality. He was best known for his appearance on VH1’s reality series “Black Ink Crew,” where he worked as Public Relations Manager at Black Ink which had become a world-renowned tattoo shop before it became embroiled in drama and scandal this year when the popular show aired its season finale last week. Puma’s Net Worth is $150000.

Puma had also been turning heads with his Art2Ink studio that opened just two months ago after struggling to find success in other business ventures, including an unsuccessful clothing line called Bounce Clothing Company started by him and five of his friends back in 2017 but soon shuttered due to lack of funds according to reports online dating up to 2013.

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Early life

Growing up in the tough streets of Brooklyn, New York, Puma managed to find his way out through hard work and determination. He started Black Ink Crew Tattoo shop with a friend from high school, which he still owns today after many years. Between working as public relations manager for the tattoo shop “Black Ink” on VH1 (his appearances are best known), he reported that as of 2021, his net worth is around $150k.

Ceaser and Puma have been friends since childhood. They ran a tattoo shop together called Black Ink Crew, which has expanded to five shops across the country as they grew older. Ceaser is one of Puma’s best buds, so it makes sense that he gave him a job when his company took off! So today, in addition to running public relations for all five locations on top of being “best man” at Ceaser’s wedding this past year (!), you can find him playing with dogs at work or organizing events like LA Pride–his favourite event every summer!–around Southern California.

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Puma Net Worth & Career

After being featured on VH1’s reality show “Black Ink Crew, both Puma and Ceaser were famous TV personalities. The reality series started premiering on January 7, 2013, and it shows the story of the daily lives of their staff members who work at a tattoo shop in Harlem. Recently renewed for its 9th season, which has been airing since April 19 this year, Black Ink Crew is one of those rare gems that will never get old- let your favourite artist be immortalized with ink today!

I found out about my local black ink crew when I was looking to get some new tattoos done because I love getting inspiration from other people’s artwork all over me so much more than repeating styles or patterns myself every time. I have been to a few different tattoo shops, but the ones who stand out are always Black Ink Crew and their artist Ceaser (who you know from this show).

Puma was a recurring cast member in the 5th season, but he returned as one of the prominent cast members for the 8th and 9th seasons.

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Puma felt betrayed when Ceaser released a lemon pepper chicken wing on the shop’s floor. They argued about who would pay for it, but things escalated quickly, and Puma was thrown to the ground in anger.

A few years ago, Puma had a big fight with his old boss. Afterwards, he left and started up on his own in the tattooing business- founding Art2Ink. Though they were once competitors as well, Ceaser came back to support him after two long years of being away from one another since their last significant disagreement over an idea for branding new artists that would be hired at the shop between them both leaving it in limbo when neither side won out about what kind of logo should go there instead of any outside was altogether necessary or not.

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Puma’s Wife- Quani Robinson

Puma has been a cast member of Black Ink Crew for four years. He started as an employee and began dating Quani, one of the recurring stars on that show. When they got married in 2014, Puma realized he had to step up his game if he wanted their marriage to work – and luckily, it did! So with help from reality TV powerhouse Marriage Boot Camp, what else could go wrong? It turns out not too much because after being filmed with all those cameras around them 24/7, filming showed him how vital communication is inside and outside the home (and office).

Puma was a man who struggled with communication. But when he met Tamia, things changed, and the relationship grew more robust than ever before!

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Puma Net Worth

Uma has been collecting an approximate fortune of $150,000 by 2022. He can collect a lump sum figure through VH1’s show “Black Ink Crew” appearance. Besides that, he also earns hefty sums from the tattoo shop Art2Ink, which he started with two other friends in 2015.

Puma Robinson: $150,000.

Puma Robinson’s real name is Paul Robinson. Since the beginning, he has been a regular cast member of the Black Ink show and was Ceasar’s (tattoo shop owner) oldest friend. They had known each other way back from their younger days when they were just friends, but now are very close like family- so much that Puma once called Caesar his “brother.”

Puma Robinson is a 36-year old tattoo artist from New York. He has been featured on reality TV and was the Public Relations Manager of Art2Ink, where he earned his salary before joining Caesar in 2010 at Black Ink Tattoo Parlor. His net worth is estimated to be $150,000; though it’s not clear what his current income might be with this new venture into an entrepreneurship role at Black Ink—yet we are all looking forward to seeing how Puma shapes up!

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