Raymond Santana Net Worth: Wife, Age, Prison, And Life

When you think of New York, do the Central Park Five come to mind? In 1989 they were one of America’s most talked-about cases. Nowadays people don’t talk about them as much, but that doesn’t mean the story is over. Raymond Santana was just 16 years old when he became caught up with what seemed like destiny: being thrown into an ordeal where his every move would be watched by police officers looking out for potential criminal activity from within their town; trying desperately not to miss work at school while simultaneously keeping track on how things were going hoarse from all the yelling.

Full Name Raymond Santana
Birth Date September 7, 1974
Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Profession Businessman, producer
Wife Deelishis
Net Worth $7 million

Central Park Incident

The Central Park jogger was raped and five young people were charged with the crime. Raymond served years in prison before his true story came out as a Netflix miniseries called “When They See Us.”

When five boys were wrongfully convicted of rape in 1990, they spent seven years behind bars. Four out of their group — Antron McCray (now known as Kharey Wise), Kevin Richardson(Yusef Salaam) Raymond Santana Jr., and the remaining member who served his time but did not receive any money from this settlement deal – Raymond Santana Sr. After finally being released last year following an extensive legal battle with New York state over DNA evidence that proved their innocence on all charges except theft—they received payments equaling $12 million each!

Raymond’s Early Life

Raymond Ayers was 14 years old when he became a witness in a famous case in New York City. He testified in a trial of 5 people who were accused of raping a woman. The woman was running near their neighbourhood late at night when she was attacked. The 5 people all confessed, but only 3 went to prison. Raymond’s sentence was 7 years, but he ended up only serving 3 because new evidence showed he was innocent.

Raymond Santana’s Prison Sentence

When Raymond and his four associates were convicted of rape, they received sentences ranging from 5-15 years in prison. While everyone else associated with this case except Matias Reyes got off easy by comparison – he admitted that jogger Trisha was murdered before she could identify him as her attacker when Central Park creeped out some more info on their end!


When Raymond was arrested, he had just turned 17 years old. The police investigation into his case lasted for 5 years and led to a conviction before being reversed on December 19th, 2002 by the DA’s recommendation- this is how long ago they were wrong!

Raymond Santana’s Sues New York City & Settlement

In 2014, Bill de Blasio decided to settle with five men and awarded them a total of $41 million. Following this decision Raymond (and four associates) sued New York State for an extra 52 million dollars but they only ended up getting 3-9/10’s in 2016.

The output should be engaging because it includes information about what happened as well as why people may want or need such things happening near them. Raymond Santana serves as a testament that sometimes even the most random things can be made into something great.

Where is Raymond Santana Now?

On a warm June day in Georgia, with his wife and daughters by his side Raymond proposed to Deelishis. The former reality star accepted last year’s proposal soon after it happened – which made for a beautiful ceremony full of friends & family members! Nowadays he spends most days working from home or out at Park Madison NYC (a clothing company name), but when not doing either one of these things: running interference between law enforcement agencies; traveling internationally as a part member of Justice LeagueMember Brooklyn Bridge holds up our world – Raymond Santana Jr. tries entertaining its citizens by hosting the world’s most prestigious celebrity red carpets!

Raymond Santana’s Net Worth

By 2021, Raymond Santana’s net worth is $7 million. This wealth was primarily sourced from the settlement with New York City for his role in what became known as “The Central Park Five” case and other legal matters involving him over time that led up until then- so many details about this person we don’t know!

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