RHONY Tinsley Mortimer Net Worth- Detail On Her Family Business And Love Life

Tinsley Mortimer’s Net Worth

$35 Million

Tinsley Mortimer is a fashion designer and TV personality with an estimated net worth of $35 million. She designs clothing for Riccimie, which she took control over after the company was purchased by another investor last year; among many achievements it’s important to note that Tinsley has been successful in part due to her family background – both parents were wealthy enough where they could afford private education throughout childhood (boarding school) until college tuition became too expensive across America during Savior thankfully today’s education announced proper funding for the most of the country.

Quick Facts:

Tinsley Mortimer Net Worth $35 Million
Age 44
Date Of Birth 11th August 1975
Profession Fashion Designer, Reality TV Star and Businesswoman
Married/Single Ex-husband: Robert Livingston Mortimer
Ex-fiance: Scott Kluth (2017-2021)
Children none
Height 5 feet and 7 inches

How Did Tinsley Mortimer Earn Millions?- Clothing Line And Reality Shows

Mortimer, a fashionista from New York City who has been seen on several occasions with her lavish lifestyle and worth a $35 million bank account does not come off as being just another rich kid. Rather she was born into an extremely wealthy family but it doesn’t mean all of this fortune will be handed down to you if your parents have indeed loaded themselves! It seems that Tinsley may have established herself more so through Riccimie Japan -a clothing line-and collaborating closely alongside Samantha Thavasa while launching many luxurious handbags under their label “Samantha Goth.”

Tinsley unexplored is a fashion designer and beauty ambassador for Christian Dior. She has launched the lip gloss titled “Tinsey Oink” with this company, which she also appears in numerous magazines such as Vogue Magazine or Harper’s Bazaar to name just some thereof


In addition to her career in designing clothes and making up people’s faces (she was once ranked number 75 on the list ‘The Top 100 Most Powerful Women In The World’), there are plenty of other things you might not know about famous tycoon. In 2017 she appeared in Real Housewives of New York, a reality show about domestic life in New York City’s upper society.

Reality Shows And Books

Mortimer was once famous for being chic and bold, but her fame has died down since Gossip Girl. She made a comeback as the lead of The Real Housewives Of New York in 2017 with an estimated $300K per episode salary; this is more than what she received before from 2009-2020 when it topped out at less than 100k

Mortimer’s newest venture into Television came about after appearing on one episode each season throughout six seasons altogether – including appearances alongside stars like Blake Lively (G multitude) or Jennifer Aniston( Friends ).

What is the secret to success? For some, it’s being in right place at the moment when your hustle becomes successful. Southern Charm: A Novel is an example of someone who was not only smart enough but also fortunate enough – which comes first with most people I know!

Who Is Tinsley Mortimer’s Ex-Fiance? Boyfriend And Husband

When Tinsley was engaged to CouponCabin’s CEO Scott Kluth until 2021, they fell deeply in love. The two had been dating for nearly two years before he popped the question and proposed marriage on their second date! They’re such a beautiful couple–you can’t help but feel invested when reading about them struggling through difficult times like breaking up or getting back together again…

After being apart for almost all of 2019 due to an undisclosed reason (which we know now), this past November things finally seemed stable enough that Robert tried up his proposal – Chicago Water Tower no less?! Unfortunately, though, the two stars couldn’t make it work and Tinsley called time on their engagement in 2019.

Tinsley and Robert’s parents held a wedding ceremony for them in Richmond, Virginia in May 2002. The two had been living together almost eight years before they decided to separate legally with their private agreement so as not to cause any dramas or problems at home whatsoever- this is just one example of how families work things out when lively discussions are going around between members who all want what’s best!

Tinsley Mortimer Bio- Age And Family

The television celebrity known for her work on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Tinsley Mortimer was born as an only child to George and Dale in 1975. She celebrates every year on August 11th at age 44 with friends or family who is also celebrating their birthdays that month!

The oldest daughter among three brothers; one younger sister named Dabney (who’s now 32) plus step-siblings–Tatum Merritt-both parents are successful real estate investors/mortgage brokers respectively whose social circle includes many other prominent business owners.

Unknown Facts About Tinsley Mortimer:

  • Tinsley holds a master’s degree in Decorative Arts from Cooper Hewitt.
  • She handles about 690k followers on her Instagram, @tinsleymortimer.
  • Her full name is Tinsley Randolph Mortimer.

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