Rick Rubin Net Worth: How Rich is the Record Producer Actually?

Rick Rubin Net Worth: Rick Rubin is a producer of records and the co-founder of Def Jam Records. He has been lauded for his work with hip-hop artists, but he’s just as capable when it comes to other genres like rock or country music. MTV called Rick in 2007 as one of the most critical producers over the last 20 years – and this was before Lady Gaga! Today, his net worth stands at around $250 million, which makes him no less than an American treasure; we’re all lucky that he gave us “Walk This Way” from Aerosmith & Run DMC back in 1986 alone (and also introduced America to Public Enemy!).

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Frederick Jay Rubin
Birth Date March 10, 1963
Birth Place Long Beach, New York
Profession Record Producer
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Rick Rubin Net Worth $250 million

Early Life

In 1983, the aspiring producer found himself in a place where he could do what he wanted. Rubin founded Def Jam Records with his friends Russell Simmons and Rick Ruben after graduating from Long Beach High School. The label’s first release was Hose’s “I Can’t Drive Any Faster.” In 1984, however, the band broke up when it became clear to Rubin that hip hop would become his passion for life as they toured different states like New York and California during their time together on stage at school shows before parting ways later in ’84.

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Rick Rubin Net Worth and Career

Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin started the iconic Def Jam Records in 1984 with a single goal, to change music. They would sign artists like Public Enemy and Beastie Boys, who are famous for hits such as Rock Hard and No Sleep till Brooklyn.

Russell Simmons met his partner-in-crime Rick Rubin through a mutual friend in 1983 when he was only 24 years old. The two of them had one primary mission: To revolutionize hip hop by introducing new talent that could shake up society’s norms without breaking any boundaries or rules whatsoever – this is where their song “Rock Hard” came from, which featured LL Cool J entitled “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.”

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In the 1980s, it was Rubin’s music that started to get noticed. He produced The Cult’s album Electric and became their most known work in 1988. In 1990 he helped make a film called Tougher Than Leather, which would later premiere at the Cannes Film festival for being one of two films selected from North America. After differences with Lyor Cohen had risen among a president, Rick decided to go his separate way while starting Def American Records. They focused on signing rock or heavy metal acts such as Slayer. The latter was nominated for Best Metal Performance but lost out because there wasn’t enough time before the deadline closed up!

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Personal Life

Rick Rubin has been in a relationship with Murielle Hurtado Herrera for more than ten years. A former model, actress, and now practising farmer, Rick and she have one son born last year. What may surprise some is that the legendary producer also had a lifetime subscription to WWF events throughout his 20s (1970-1980). It’s no wonder then why he created soundtracks for so many of their wrestling movies back in the day!

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Rick Rubin Net Worth

As of 2022, Rick Rubin’s net worth is estimated to be around $250 million. He has worked with some of the best-selling artists in recent history, including Run DMC, Mick Jagger, AC/DC, and Neil Diamond. After spending 38 years in music, he now owns a Grammy Award for Record Producer Of The Year from 2019 and a Best Musical Album award for Jay-Z’s album 4:44, which was nominated for 10 Grammys overall (including one win).

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