Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

What Is Rob Dyrdek’s Net Worth?

Rob Dyrdek is an entrepreneur, actor, and producer who’s worth $100 million. He began his career as a professional skateboarder before turning to entrepreneurship with the creation of Rob & Big in 2007 which aired on MTV2 from 2009-2013; this led him into creating Ridiculousness (2011) for NBCUniversal Television Distribution Corporation. His latest project includes playing Lil’…

Rob Dyrdek Earnings, Career, Wiki, and More

Rob Dyrdek is a reality TV star and skateboarder who has an expected net worth of $100 million as well as earning income through his investments in various businesses such as EA Skate, and Monster Energy- all sponsorships have paid off for this entrepreneur. For Rob & Big, he was compensated at 60k per episode while Fantasy Factory gave him 100K!

JD has been involved in entrepreneurship since he was 12 when his mom bought him an Amiga 500 to play computer games on. He would later found several companies that ranged from shoe design and hip hop records up to investing in NASCAR Racing!

When he was just 16 years old, Rob Dyrdek appeared on MTV’s Rob & Big which aired from November 2006 to April 2008. His Fantasy Factory series with cousin and co-worker Ryan Montoya premiered in February 2009 as did Inside The Facility where they also created a music studio for him at work inside their company office space ( SafeSpot Skate Spot ).

When you think of talented actors, Willy Robertson seems like an unlikely candidate to be taking roles in films and TV shows. However, the former reality star has been making waves with his performances on screen over recent years- from playing a police officer whose brother died during surgery so he can get revenge in Righteous Kill (2008) alongside Robert de Niro or Al Pacino; all unreleased movies until now except for one short YouTube clip where we see him play opposite himself!

His production company, Superjacket Productions has helped him produce several hit series including Ridiculousness and The Dude Perfect Show. He also judged the talent competition show Amazingness which aired in 2017 on CMT for its entire duration – it was one of many successes attained by this successful artist/entrepreneur!

Rob Dyrdek Relationship and Personal Life

He’s not only a husband and father, but he also has an extensive pet collection. His favourite animals are dogs because they’re “cute!”

7) He was born in California to Filipino parents who both worked for American companies; thus forward his life itinerant across Asia before settling down again on American soil this time as a grownup When it comes to coffee preferences though you’ll find him sipping something stronger than tea–a Java jolt extra strong with three sugars.

You might not expect this famous television star to be an avid gin drinker too but Rob Dyrdek is! He’s also a beer fan–you’ll find him enjoying beers of all sorts from stouts to IPAs. Food-wise he loves Italian foods and steak though he doesn’t mind the occasional personal restaurant either.

Rob Dyrdek Early Life, Family, and Education

When you’re the younger brother of a celebrity, it’s not always easy to get attention. But when Dyrdek got his first skateboard from Neil Blender at age 11 and started competing in competitions soon after without even having gone through puberty yet; well let’s just say that all bets are off! He was born on June 28th, 1974 into an Ohio family with two parents (Gene & Patty) who owned a construction company called DPGBOards LLC where they built schools nationwide under contract for several hundred communities each year including Kettering Town Center which is located about ten minutes outside downtown Cleveland – hey if we can do this…

In a world where most people start their careers early in life, Jason Polakoff is an exception. From the age of 12, he was focused on becoming a professional skateboarder and his single-minded dedication led him to success at such an early stage with sponsorship opportunities coming soon after leaving home for good – all without any formal education or training!

Interesting Facts About Rob Dyrdek

He has been one of the most influential skateboarders ever since he started his Instagram account in 2011. He currently has over 6 million followers and counting on there, which is why it’s not surprising that FoxWeekly named him among their “most powerful people” list for 2014-2015! As part of Rob & Big (a show from when they were younger), Bob was able to set 21 different Guinness World Records related either directly or indirectly through skating throughout its duration – showing just how committed this talented individual gets about what matters most in life- and in general!

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