RondoNumbaNine Net Worth: Bio, Age, Real Name & Career

RondoNumbaNine is a 24-year-old American rapper who goes by the name of Clint Massey. His most well-known song, “Hang Hit Me,” was released in 2013 and has been listened to over 100 million times worldwide so far! In 2014 he has sentenced to 39 years imprisonment for murder after shooting livery driver Javan Boyd dead during an argument between them earlier that same year when they met at the Central BOOKING jail facility. RondoNumbaNine net worth is currently estimated to be $100,000.

Real Name Clint Massey
Birth Date February 18, 1997
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Profession Rapper
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $100 thousand

RondoNumbaNine Childhood

Clint Massey is a talented rapper who has yet to reveal his past life stories. He was born RondoNumbaNine on February 18, 1997, in Chicago Illinois USA but little information about him as an individual beyond being part of the music industry exists outside what we can piece together from social media posts and interviews with other artists he’s collaborated alongside over time such talent like Jay Z or Kendrick Lamar among others – not necessarily telling us anything new themselves so far then again these are just deductions based off assumptions made thus far after all…

When it comes to music, there are few people that Clint has not worked with. He is a close friend and frequent collaborator of Chicago-based rapper Lil Durk (known primarily for his 2013 single “Ride”). On November 27th, 2013 their official video for this popular song was released onto YouTube which since then has over 9 million views!

RondoNumbaNine Salary & Earnings

He is well-known for his single “Taliban” which has 9.4 million views on YouTube

He was born in Afghanistan but now lives with family members near London after having served abroad as an army contractor during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom eras; he worked at Camp Bondsteel (a military installation) before moving back home to help rebuild following both warrings over there – one spent against Saddam Hussein’s regime while other took place later when destructive terrorism became more prevalent than ever. RondoNumbaNine net worth is currently estimated to be $100,000.

The RondoNumba Music – RondoNumbaNine Net Worth & Career

Nine’s career trajectory improved as his song gained popularity among music fans. On September 6, 2013; the official video for “Hang wit me” was released with over 20 million YouTube views to date and it has received many awards including Song Of The Year at AfricaBURGsound’s 2nd Annual Meeting Place Music Festival which Nine attended wearing an outfit made entirely out gold chains!

In 2014, RondoNumbaNine continued to deliver good songs. In January of that year, he was featured on Fredo Santana’s “Shit Real” with a positive response from fans and critics alike for its catchy hook which samples The Notorious B.I.’z Theory by 50 Cent ft Mary J Blige & Mase – multi-platinum song nominated at Grammy Awards 2011. He also released his hit single Want Beef? That same year! It is an ultimate showcase not only for a rapper but also a producer because it features some beautiful production work done greatly behind the scenes such as RondoNumbaNine net worth which is currently estimated to be $100,000.

Personal Life of RondoNumbaNine

When it comes to RondoNumbaNine, most people think he’s single. However, rumors were circulating a few months ago that alleged the jailed rapper is dating someone else or had been seeing one closely behind bars but this too has since proven false as both instances were lies thanks largely because their best friend who frequently visited them in prison – even during incarceration time frames!

RondoNumbaNine’s net worth

Though he is currently imprisoned, RondoNumbaNine’s fortune will amount to $100K by 2022. The proceeds from his musical career have all gone towards accumulating this sum and more importantly; when released in 2056 (February 24th), it is expected that the net worth of said individual would’ve been higher had they been singing recently rather than pausing production entirely since 2010-2013 hiatus periods where no new material was issued due solely on purposeful decision-making grounds – which has led many fans wanting answers about why we couldn’t hear any new tunes at least once per year during those time frames.

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