Rooney Mara Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career

Rooney Mara Net Worth: Rooney Mara is an American actress with a net worth of $16 million. She began her career by playing roles in series and independent films, but really broke through when she started taking on high-profile film roles early in the 2010s. Outside of acting, Rooney has become well known for her charity work as well.

Rooney Mara is best known to most people for being one-half of two gorgeous Hollywood couples: first alongside Andrew Garfield (The Social Network), then later with Tom Hiddleston after they met shooting The Night Manager together last year; so it’s not too surprising that this strong woman should have found time outside filming to also create something special – namely New York University’s Time Square billboard campaign with every cent donated going.

Early Life:

Patricia Rooney Mara is known for her acting roles in movies like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Carol. She was born on April 17th of 1985, just outside New York City to a family that loved travelling. Patricia grew up in an area where their next-door neighbours had four children too- as well as a pony!

Patricia’s mother worked hard to keep all five kids entertained during long summers by coming up with activities teaching them about art history or nature walks around our neighbourhood – things we might take for granted today but which were new discoveries at the time when they first came out here from Michigan back in the 1980s.” said Patricia who attended Fox Lane High School before transferring into NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study following years abroad. After a long and gruelling four years, she finally graduated from the program in 2010.

Rooney Mara is a budding actress who has been inspired by her older sister to pursue the arts as she studied at NYU. She began acting in student films and small roles but rose quickly through the ranks with major projects like “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

Rooney fell in love with acting after seeing classic movies and musical theatre productions, including one of Kate’s own productions when they were children. However, Rooney initially avoided pursuing it professionally out of fear that she would just be following in someone else’s footsteps–that was until he decided to start auditioning for major parts while attending New York University (NYU).


Mara’s journey into the film industry began with her as an extra. Gradually, she worked her way up to more prominent roles and eventually made a professional debut in 2006 on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” After that came guest-starring appearances on TV series such as “Women’s Murder Club” and then appeared in one episode of “The Cleaner.” Finally, Mara landed the major role for which many actors would kill – playing Dream Boy!

Mara is an up-and-coming actress who started out as a guest star in the popular show “ER” before landing her first starring role in Tanner Hall. She went on to appear in films such as Youth In Revolt, Dare and The Winning Season before making waves with A Nightmare On Elm Street remake and finally breaking through into big-time stardom when she got cast for Social Network. Mara has since appeared alongside Daniel Craig

in Blonde Venus (2011) which won over critics at Cannes Film Festival but more recently starred opposite Brad Pitt for Moneyball (2012). Her latest film was based on author Chuck Palahniuk’s cult novel of the same name: Fight Club.”The movie was based on the book written by Stieg Larsson and it managed to earn $232 million at a budget of only 90. The film received strong reviews from critics, with Rooney Mara being singled out for praise. She also won two Academy Awards (Best Actress) and one Golden Globe award (best actress in a motion picture-drama).

Joining the cast of “Her” in 2013, Mara was once again singled out for praise and contributed to the film winning many awards. She then starred in films like Side Effects, “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,” and The One I Love.” In 2015 she landed her first major Hollywood role as Tiger Lily in “Pan;” however, some people have criticized this decision because it originally had been written for a Native American actress.

In 2013 Amy Adams joined Joaquin Phoenix’s critically-acclaimed movie Her alongside Scarlett Johansson that received considerable levels of backlash when Mara took on what is typically reserved for a native American actor with an upsetting history between white pioneers who stole land from their native peoples centuries ago.

In 2017, Rooney Mara starred in an array of films. These include “The Discovery,” “A Ghost Story,” and “Song to Song.”

In 2018, Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix starred in three films together. “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot” is a comedy-drama about the life of John Callahan (Phoenix) who becomes an alcoholic after becoming a paraplegic at age twenty-five. The pair also appeared together as Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ respectively for director Garth Davis’s biblical epic film which was released this year to mixed reviews from critics but has been praised by viewers around the world including Pope Francis himself.” Mary Magdalene”, set during the time when Simon Peter had not yet met or converted his friend Paul of Tarsus into Christianity, explores her relationship with both men while showing how she eventually became part of early Christian.

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Rooney Mara’s whirlwind romance with Joaquin Phoenix has been one of the most talked-about Hollywood stories. After meeting on the set of “Her” in 2016, she and her beau tied the knot just two years later after becoming cohabitants at their Los Angeles home. The pair are now expecting a baby together to add to an already loving family!

Real Estate:

Rooney Mara, an Oscar-nominated actress who starred in the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and was just cast as a lead role on American Horror Story: Hotel has listed her Los Feliz property for $3.8 million. After purchasing it back in 2015 for only $2.9 million she oversaw renovations that made this home one to rival any Hollywood starlet’s beauty routine!

The celebrity buyer of Rooney’s old home is rumoured to be Kelly Osbourne, who purchased the house for $3.575 million just under its original asking price.

Family Pedigree:

Rooney Mara is part of a wealthy family with an intriguing history. Her great grandfathers, who founded the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers respectively, are just two out of many high-profile entrepreneurial ventures that have made her legacy rich in value.

Tara Rooney, the granddaughter of Tim and Patricia Rooney, has been a part of NFL football all her life. Her father served as vice president of player personnel for the New York Giants in 2020. Tara’s maternal grandfather Timothy is responsible for running Yonkers Raceway & Empire Casino since 1972; this makes him one-half owner alongside his cousins who own the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise (which is also owned by members of their family). Tara had many relatives working with organizations she was affiliated with which includes U.S Representative Tom Roony and Florida State Representative Patrick Roy Jr., both uncles on different sides of her family tree!

Hiraeth Collective:

Actress Rooney Mara is the founder of Hiraeth Collective, a vegan clothing line. The brand was started in 2018 and consists of shoes, accessories, and clothing designed by Mara herself alongside Sara Schloat and Chrys Wong.

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