Ryan Garcia Net Worth: How Rich is the Boxer Actually?

Ryan Garcia Net Worth

Ryan Garcia is an American boxer who has a net worth of $10 million. He was born in 2000 and started boxing at the age of 12 years. He is a welterweight boxer, and he stands at 5’7″ in height with 145 pounds weight. Ryan has been ranked as #1 in the world for his category by the BoxRec website. He won many titles like Junior Olympics National Champion, US Boxing Championships Gold Medalist, etc., but sadly lost to Errol Spence Jr on July 27th, 2018, after ten rounds of the match. Ryan Garcia Net Worth is $10 million.

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Quick Facts:

Full Name Ryan Garcia
Birth Date/ Age August 8, 1998/ 23 years old
Birth Place Victorville, California, United States
Source of Wealth Professional Boxer
Girlfriend Drea Celina
Net Worth $10 million

Early life

Ryan Garcia’s early life was filled with many challenges. A few of them included not having a father at home, being the youngest in his family by four years and three months to Naomi Lopez-Roldan that made him feel outcasts from his siblings, growing up as an undocumented immigrant even though he is American born citizen.

Consequently, Ryan became angry for most of his childhood because no one understood what living through such difficult conditions had been like. His mother couldn’t afford good clothes or food, so they often ate beans and rice, which would make him sick sometimes when there weren’t other options available; finally, deciding to become involved in boxing after watching some on TV while eating breakfast cereal.

At first, this didn’t seem too bad, but it became more difficult when he was discovered by a boxing trainer who had just left the gym and offered to train him for free.

“What I like about boxing is that you can control what happens in your life,” Garcia said. “You create your own destiny.”

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Career in Boxing

Ryan Garcia is one of the up-and-coming boxing stars. He has won all of his fights so far, with a total record of 12-0! His next fight will be against Frankie Gomez on March 17th in Anaheim, California.

A true talent at just 18 years old (yes, he still needs to grow), Ryan Garcia’s 11 knockouts have earned him fans across the globe who love watching this young champ do what he does best–knock people out with big smiles. After every victory.

Ryan Garcia’s Girlfriend- Drea Celina

Ryan Garcia is a boxer who knows how to fight. His girlfriend, Drea Celina, has been seen on the sidelines cheering him to victory or coaching from ringside when he’s not competing!

Despite his tough exterior and rough upbringing in Compton, California- Ryan can’t help but smile around her. It doesn’t hurt that she looks as beautiful with bruises as without them.

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Ryan Garcia Net Worth

With a net worth of $10 million, Ryan Garcia is not the richest person in Hollywood, but he’s just starting.

Ryan Garcia has had an impressive start to his career as an actor and director with five films under his belt at such a young age. Four years ago, when I interviewed him for my blog post entitled “The Young Ones” (check it out here!), he said that this was only the beginning; now, fast forward four more years, and you’ll see what he means by turning heads.

Lessons from Ryan García

Ryan García is a college student that graduated from the University of Florida with degrees in business and entrepreneurship. He currently works as an entrepreneur building his own startup companies while also teaching courses online on how to build startups.

Ryan Garcia has been doing well for himself since graduating from UF back in 2014! Currently, he’s working full time at what used to be called The Garage (formerly), where they provide resources for entrepreneurs such as space, funding opportunities, networking events, etc. Still, now it’s going under new management, so I guess we’ll see if Ryan continues there or moves onto something else like another entrepreneurial endeavour – which can’t come soon enough because everyone seems bored out of their minds here, lol !!! Seriously though, the dude must put in some work and get the ball rolling on something new.

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Quick Facts

Ryan García is a world champion boxer who had an undefeated career until his rematch against Zab Judah in 2006. He has since retired from boxing and now works as the CEO of The Ryan Garcia Group. He trains kids to be successful athletes through mentoring programs with nutrition, goal setting, leadership skills development, and more. In addition to these endeavours, RYAN GARCIA CREATIVE puts out great content for their clients such as Nike Jordan Adidas Fitbit BabyGap Under Armour Ralph Lauren Levi’s

Who Is Ryan García?

Ryan García is an American actor, director, and producer of Mexican descent. Born in Los Angeles, California, to a Honduran mother and Guatemalan father on November 17th, 1988.

-Ryan’s parents were immigrants from Central America who came to the United States seeking better opportunities for their children than they had back home.

-In his teens, he was drawn more into filmmaking which led him to enrol at the University of Southern California, where he studied film making as well as producing but not before being introduced by happenstance with Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio during one fateful summer vacation up North near Big Sur (where Leo would later shoot The Revenant)

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At the age of 17, Ryan Garcia has accomplished more than many people can in their entire lives. He is a professional boxing champion, and he also helps others who have faced similar hardships find themselves again through his work with non-profit organizations. All of this while balancing schoolwork and continuing education at UCLA–how does he do it? “I just wake up every morning thinking, ‘What can I accomplish today?'” said Garcia confidently when asked about how he manages such a full schedule.”

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