Sade Net Worth 2022: Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Sade is a singer who was born in England. She is known for her smooth voice and soulful songs. Her debut album was released in 1984 and she has since released six more albums. She has won numerous awards, including a Grammy, and her music has been featured in several movies and TV shows. Want to more about Her? In this article, we covered Sade’s net worth, wiki, bio, career, height, weight, pics, family, affairs, car, salary, age, facts, and other details in 2022. Continue reading to discover who is Sade.

Name Sade
Nickname None
Gender Female
Date of Birth 16-Jan-1959
Age in 2022 63
Birth Place Tuvalu
Country Tuvalu
Height 5′ 7″ (1.70 m)
Weight Weight
Profession Singer

About Sade Adu

Sade is a Nigerian-born British singer, songwriter, and actress with an estimated net worth of $75 million. Sade has been in the spotlight since her debut album Diamond Life was released back in 1984. She’s become one of the most successful female artists to date because she doesn’t stick to any specific genre or sound when it comes time to recording new music; instead opting for versatility so that there will always be something fresh on offer from SADE at all times!

Reinvigorated and excited, the members of Pride broke away from their main group in 1982 for a side project they named Sade. After playing with renewed vigour on stage as well as at home across Europe and North America alike, media attention followed swiftly behind them like shadows following an open flame.

After releasing their debut album, Diamond Life, in the United States with Portrait Records and seeing it become a worldwide success at an unprecedented pace for any British act of their era they decided to leave behind Pride.

Sade Age and Birthday Info 2022

In this section, we will talk about Sade’s age and birthday related info. Sade’s actual age is 63 and her birthday is on 16-Jan-1959. When is Sade’s next birthday? The next birthday of Sade is on 16 January 2023.

Birthday 16 January 1959
Next Birthday 16 January 2023
Age 63 years
Place of Birth Tuvalu
Country of Birth Tuvalu

Early Career

Sade was a pop group that had the advantage of releasing their albums and singles at different times in various parts of the world. They were most successful when they released “Sweetest Taboo” from their 1985 sophomore album, Promise; it became one of Sade’s signature songs. Their first five studio albums also sold more than three million copies each within America alone–their success could only be attributed to good timing!

Hiatuses and Returns

Jamiroquai was on a hiatus for 8 years, but the group made their triumphant return in 2009 with an album and single entitled “Soldier of Love.” The song became Jamiroquai’s first release to land atop Billboard’s Hot 100. They followed that up by releasing Soldier of Love in February 2010 – becoming only the second British band ever to debut at No. 1 on the US chart.

A Wrinkle In Time

Known as the “Once in a Lifetime Tour” or the “Soldier of Love Tour,” Sade’s 2011 trek has been one for all time. The band played to over 1 million fans and raked in more than $50 million dollars, from 59 sold-out shows on their worldwide tour that lasted nearly 6 months long!

The soundtracks for A Wrinkle In Time were released by the passionate Sade band, with their acoustic ballad “Flower of the Universe” which was a 2018 release. As time went on and more success came into place, they reached $75 million net worth as of 2021!


Sade Adu’s first name is actually Helen; Sade is her stage name. She was born in Nigeria and left at age 11 to live with a relative, before moving on to Europe where she studied fashion design for five years under Sonia Rykiel. When Carlos Pliego saw an opportunity of making money by using her talents as a singer he got the best lawyers from Spain and England so they could get married without any problems arising about immigration laws – this way both countries would be able to keep their profits! They had two daughters together but divorced after ten years of marriage due mostly because there were too many fights between them over business matters such as song royalties. As if that wasn’t enough trouble already, Ila has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Critic: ‘Soldier of Love

It’s been 10 years since the world heard from Sade and her bandmates. At long last, they have released Soldier of Love in 2010 which is their first studio album in over two decades! Despite being apart for so many years, there has been no diminishing to Sade Adu’s voice or musicianship; it remains equally delicate with a mature dignity that reflects on everything she does.

Darker Themes

Soldier of Love is SADE’s sixth album, and on the surface, it seems highly reminiscent of their late 1980s-early 1990s heyday: there are songs about love throughout the record, as well as many beautiful melodies. But what sets this apart from past records is that while lyrics are still touching here they seem to be a little darker than in previous years. An example would be “The Moon and The Sky,” which details a relationship gone bad with themes such as heartbreak (“you made me cry/You didn’t come to get me one last time” )and regret (“I’ll always wonder why”).

Sade’s sixth studio album Soldier of Love is a bit different from past albums. The songs are darker, and the lyrics explore themes such as broken hearts that have been left behind by their lover with no explanation given for why they let go in the first place. One example is “The Moon and the Sky,” which starts off with an introspective scene-setter describing what could’ve happened had things turned out differently: “Why did you make me cry? Why didn’t you come to get me one last time?” This song sets up Sade’s perspective on love throughout this new collection of tunes exploring various types – from lust to unconditional love.

Love is Pain

The lyrics make it seem as if she’s fighting for love in both the literal and metaphorical sense, which is even more significant since U.S. troops are still stationed overseas to this day, under a president who claims that he wants peace but has yet to sign any treaty or withdraw American service members from war-torn regions like Iraq and Afghanistan while continuing his “troop surge” strategy here at home with wartime levels of military recruits joining forces across all branches of our nation’s armed services every month–a trend that many experts predict will continue indefinitely until we finally have enough soldiers on hand to effectively police an increasingly hostile world where global terrorism looms large over daily life.

When you listen to this album, it’s like being pulled into the most romantic movie. The vocals are beautiful and evocative; they make every song feel special. It starts off with “Soldier of Love” which sets a sombre mood but is also hopeful in its lyrics about love conquering all – even death. This theme continues throughout the entire album on songs like “Love Like Crazy,” where he sings about his search for a deep connection that will last forever:

We’ll give them hope through our tears

Give us strength till we’re dreaming again

And if time can teach me anything at all then I know there must be something worth fighting for also a song for those who are fighting for their country in a war.

Selected Discography

2011: The Ultimate Collection (compilation).

2010: Soldier of Love.

2000: Lovers Rock.

1992: Love Deluxe.

1988: Stronger Than Pride.

1985: Promise.

1984: Diamond Life.

Awards Won

The English R&B;/Soul band Sade was formed in London, in 1985. The group has experienced tremendous success with the release of their first two albums and a string of hit singles such as “Smooth Operator” or “No Ordinary Love.” Aside from being recognized for its achievements on stage at different awards ceremonies – including Grammys for Best Pop Vocal Album (1992) and Artist Of The Century award by Q Magazine (2000), Sade is also known to have been nominated three times in Grammy’s best female vocal performance category between 1986-1994: which proves that this longtime trio created some unforgettable music over time!

Education Details

Sade studied fashion design at Medway College of Design.

Albums Released By the Singer: Diamond Life (1984), Promise (1985), Stronger Than Pride (1988), Love Deluxe (1992), The Best Of Sade & More Sweetest Taboo, No Ordinary Love, Kiss Of Life, Soldier Of Love and Immortal are the popular songs from the album.

Income Details: Sade has a net worth of $75 million at the age of 58. According to Forbes, her annual income is around $16 million and she also made a huge amount for Diamond Life Tour in 1984 with show business greats Barry White and Robert Cray as support acts on their own respective tours.

Net Worth & Income Sources

The singer has a net worth of $75 million. According to Forbes, her annual income is around $16 million and she also made a huge amount for Diamond Life Tour in 1984 with show business greats Barry White and Robert Cray as support acts on their own respective tours.

Achievements & Awards

Her debut solo album Diamond Life (1984) was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album produced four singles: “Your Love Is King”, “Hang On To Your Love”, “The Sweetest Taboo” and “Smooth Operator”.

Interesting & Fun Facts

She has two sons, Levi and Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

Sade Adu Bio: Sade is a British singer, songwriter and record producer whose rich voice took her to the top of charts throughout the world in the 1980s. She was born Helen Folasade Adu on January 16, 1959, in Ibadan, Nigeria. Sade moved with her parents to England when she was a young girl. Her family settled in Islington and then Brixton where they were the only black family living there at that time. After completing high school, Sade attended college but decided it wasn’t for her and dropped out after three months.

Famous Quotes & Words of Wisdom

Sade Adu quotes: “I’m not a feminist, I’m a woman.”

Social Networking Profiles & Accounts

Facebook – Sadeofficialfanpage Twitter- @sade_sade Instagram- sade_official Wikipedia Page – Not Available! YouTube Channel Link- OfficialSADEVEVO Tumblr account related to the singer- Not Available!

FAQs about Sade

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Sade.

  1. What is the Net Worth of Sade?

The Net Worth of Sade is $70 Million.

  1. What is the Height of Sade?

The height of Sade is 5′ 7″ (1.70 m).

  1. Where is the birthplace of Sade?

The birthplace of Sade is Tuvalu

  1. What is the Date of Birth of Sade?

The birthday of Sade is on 16-Jan-1959.

  1. is Sade Married?

The marital status of Sade is: Yet to update.


The singer has a net worth of $75 million. According to Forbes, her annual income is around $16 million and she also made a huge amount for Diamond Life Tour in 1984 with show business greats Barry White and Robert Cray as support acts on their own respective tours.

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