Saint JHN Net Worth: Height, Age, Real Name, Career & More

Saint JHN Net Worth: Carlos St. John Phillips, better known as Saint JHN, is a Guyanese-American rapper and songwriter best known for his hit song “Roses” released in 2016 and the founding member of music collective GODD COMPLEX X with an estimated net worth of $2 million by 2022.

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Full Name Carlos St. John Phillips
Birth Date August 26, 1986
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York, U. S.
Profession Rapper
Girlfriend Brittany Byrd (Rumored)
Saint JHN Net Worth $2 million
Height 6 feet 2 inches or 188 cm tall

Early life

Saint John was born Carlos Saint Phillips on August 26th in 1986, but his life changed when he moved to Guyana and met a preacher who became his mother. He grew up poor for years after that until one day, as an adult, he made enough money selling drugs so that now it’s all about preaching!

Saint told us how he started to make music at the age of 12 and was inspired by his older brother, a rapper. He prepared his first song in high school while studying abroad at Guyana’s South Shore High School.

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Saint JHN Net Worth & Career

Saint has been writing and performing music the entire time he was a student at Harvard. He always used his real name when releasing songs, until one day someone noticed him from YouTube videos of his performances in New York City’s subway stations where you can usually find Saint singing to himself so that no one else will bother him during study periods on campus. This person ended up being Zach Katz, who flew out to LA just for Saint because they were impressed by what they saw online- this is how Saint got started getting contracts with big stars such as Rihanna after two months of hard work and dedication went into it. Still, unfortunately, all the songs never made it through due to some bad luck!

Saint is a man who has had his fair share of struggles. He grew up in the countryside with fewer opportunities but was always determined to make it as an artist and songwriter. Saint worked hard for years before getting any recognition from labels or artists he wrote for.

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However, his luck changed when Usher discovered one of his songs on YouTube that led him to write “Crash” and “Rivals.” Nowadays people are more aware of this talented individual, which makes me happy because I love what he’s doing!

He finally came up with his first original single using the moniker “Saint JHN” in 2016. His name was given to him by someone who felt that he had this ‘strong’ and virtuous spirit, so they gave him Saint’s initials (i.e., S-J). He dropped two more songs titled “Roses” and “Reflex” within a short time of releasing his debut song; then, in March 2017 – just recently – he released another one called “3 Below”. This guy started gaining early notice when people heard some of these other new singles like the ones named: Hermes Freestyle”, I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night,” etc…

Saint, a famous singer, and songwriter dropped his third album titled “While the World Was Burning” on November 20th of 2020. The artist managed to incorporate three hit singles in this release which are “High School Reunion,” “Monica Lewinsky, Election Year,” and “Pray 4 Me”.

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Saint JHN Personal Life

Saint JHN and Brittany are rumoured to be dating, but their relationship has not been confirmed. They spotted Saint with an ex-girlfriend of the rapper Lil Uzi Vert who recently attacked him while working on a business project at Dialog Cafe in Philadelphia.

After failing to punch down Saint, his gun fell from his pocket to the ground. Meanwhile, Brittany got up and approached him. In response to anger, Lil pointed the weapon into her stomach and allegedly struck her with it before running away as she screamed in pain.

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Saint JHN Net Worth

Saint JHN has amassed a total net worth value of $2 million by 2022. He’s been able to gather hefty sums all from his music career and write songs for famous singers, and then add on the fact that he is also a model! Saint was signed up with Gucci’s Guilty campaign along with Adesuwa Alghewi- they both have helped each other out in their respective fields: modelling and singing.

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