Who is Samuel Monroe? Explore His Bio, Net Worth, Family

Samuel Monroe: Samuel Monroe Jr is an American movie as well as a television Actor. He has worked in several good movies. The actor apparently likes to keep his personal life on the down low.

He is considered one of the brilliant black actors from the early 90s. Samuel has portrayed impressive characters of daily struggles and the happenings of black neighbourhoods. Following his fame, fans have been wanting to know the net worth of the actor.

He is mostly recognized for his role as Lorenz in the 1996 film Set It Off. Many know him for the recurring role he did in the series NYPD Blue.

Samuel Monroe Bio

Samuel Monroe Jr. was born on 28 November 1973 making him 38 years as of 2021. He was born in Los Angeles, California to unnamed parents and he reportedly grew up with one brother in his family. Samuel’s zodiac sign is Saggitarius.

He has been seen in a few very influential movies over the years.  He had a deep passion for acting at a young age. He landed his first role as an actor in Patti LaBelle’s 1993 Hit TV series called Out All Night.

The actor is usually branded as a thuggish individual in one movie or another. Samuel is still working which is definitely a big upside to his fans. He first set his foot on the small screen. He went on to make the transition from television to film with an appearance in the 1995 film Tales from the Hood.

He has played roughly the same character in a lot of his movie appearances. He has either been a thug, a gangbanger, or some version of the two. His first role as Ileenea’s Cousin in Menace II Society has been parodied in the past. His role in the movie sparked the final confrontation that ended the movie on a serious cliffhanger.

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The kind of violence that is shown in his movies is used as a running example of what people in certain parts of the country have to deal with on a constant basis. Additionally, Samuel has also worked as a writer, rapper, director, and producer. He is the producer of his own hit television series named The Halls.

Samuel stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall. His Instagram handle @caffeine_caffamilliano has a total of 10.3 thousand followers.

Personal Life

The actor’s marriage to Shawna Stewart seems solid. He has never been seen on screen with a positive character, but that might be because his personal life is so different than what we see from him in movies or TV shows- he doesn’t seem like such an emotionless person after all!

The actor has never appeared on the screen with a positive character. His own personal character is definitely far different from the character he portrays. One thing that can be said for his acting ability though: is the actor does make a person believe that his characters are horrible people. So Samuel is definitely talented.

What Is The Net Worth Of Samuel Monroe?

His estimated net worth is $3-5 million. Most of the income comes directly from movies or shows he’s appeared in, but there are other ways that actors can make money – like through endorsing products and services (like Yeezy sneakers). And it sure doesn’t hurt when your job involves portrayals of negative characters!

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Family, Brother

He has a family, but he doesn’t like talking about them on social media or in interviews. Does he share posts from time to time that seems to indicate there’s at least one blood relative in his life – maybe more?

With a movie title like She Ball, it’s no wonder that Samuel would want to stay out of the media eye. He perhaps feels more at home in his family life than on screen with all these Hollywood movies about violence and murder!


The disappearance of Samuel from the interview stage is curious. He might prefer to be away from public scrutiny and recognition. We might see him return with new projects soon. Hopefully, this will also mean more interviews where they can ask questions about what’s going on under that mask!

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