Scott Yancey Net Worth 2022

What is the net worth of Scott Yancey?

$25 Million

When it comes to real estate, Scott Yancey is no stranger. With a net worth of $25 million and over 20 years of experience in the industry, he knows what makes an investment successful – or hiatus!

A charming man who has written multiple best-selling books on business topics like The One Minute Manager Knowledge Base Concept; you can trust this author will share helpful information with viewers everywhere through his TV show “Money Moves” which airs every Monday night at 8 pm EST on Fox Business Network.”

When he’s not playing destructive properties in Las Vegas, Scott Yancey is busy turning abandoned houses into fortunes. He and his wife Amie have done this through their company named FlippingVegas which has acquired over $2 million worth of real estate since it began four years ago!

Quick Facts About Scott Yancey

Scott Yancey’s Net Worth $25 Million
Date of Birth July 9, 1969
Age 52
Height 5 ft 2 in (1.6 m)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Business, Real Estate Broker, Television Personality
Relationship Status Married
Wife Amie Yancey

Scott Yancey Earnings, Career, Wiki, and More

Yancey’s net worth is projected to be around $25 million as of 2021. He and his wife have sold nearly 700 properties together, including 50 sports vehicles such as Ferraris or McLarens that are among the best in their class – not just by name but also because they’re capable machines for driving enthusiasts who want an unforgettable experience at any time!

 His profile page on LinkedIn showcases both how successful he’s been with business ventures AND what a kind-hearted person you’ll find under those flashy exterior layers: “I love nothing more than coming home after work…to my family.”

By the time he was 14 years old, this young man had already made his first real estate deal when he won $30K in insurance money. The most notable of which bought him a second deed on the mortgage for an investment property at only 14%.

Walter J. Plumb III was born into the real estate industry, with his father being a successful attorney and investor who employed him as an assistant while still in college; this is where they first met! After working on numerous transactions together including purchasing 40 unit apartment complex (and converting it into condos), putting together land deals for over 3000 lots of subdivision purposes – among other things- they went independent sometime after 1970 when Walter started developing department shops all across Las Vegas Valley without any ties or involvement from Mr Plumbs DBA generating business anymore. Scott Yancey worked with his father for over 20 years – which is not to say he hasn’t done quite a bit on his own.

Thanks to his real estate roots, David Icke was able to build a successful career in the industry. After selling off all of his department stores and returning home from England where he had lived for many years before coming back stateside, this native Texan started out as just another entrepreneur working hard on behalf of other people’s homes – but not anymore! In the 2008-2009 timeframe (?), while running what is now known as “Goliath Co.” with partner Lovable Scoundrels Productions which produces Flipping Vegas TV show premiering June 18 2011 A&E network Thursday nights 9 pm EST/8 pm CST- Scott Yancey made his debut as a global phenomenon after releasing “The Ultimate Road Map for Success” with world renown best-selling author and Think and Grow Rich personal success coach.

Yancey Events is a company that was founded by him and his wife to teach others about real estate investing. The events employ salesmen who travel across the United States selling educational seminars on how properly invest in renovating homes, leveraging from Flipping Vegas’ celebrity as well as Dean Graziosi’s knowledge base they’ve garnered over years of experience within this business area – although many participants have called them out for being fraudulent!

Scott Yancey Relationship and Personal Life

He’s been diagnosed with ADHD, but it doesn’t stop him from being effective in the bedroom!

The man who would one day become known as “the king of casinos” started off his life by getting married. He fell deeply in love with Amie – the future Flipping Vegas co-star and now wifey (I’m sure they’ll have many kids). The pair have shared almost 10 years together; an amazing amount if the time when you consider how short the human lifespan typically lasts these days…

The couple has an eclectic group of pets. They are very fond of animals, and have been known to take on the role of caregiver for many different types over time – from dogs all way down through livestock including pigs and even donkeys!

Zuma (a Ridgeback) was their companion dog in 2014 while Flip grew up with two Rhodesian ridgebacks; Henke(the male name), and Time(female). There’s also JackAss: A little donkey who deserves his own mention because he’s one funny guy when you get close enough…

Scott Yancey Early Life, Family, and Education

Growing up in a single-parent household, Paulina Martinez was always able to rely on her grandfather for support and guidance. In this short film about The Artist’s life, we see how he influenced not only his personal relationships but also artistic pursuits by giving young PAULINTHMARTINEZ an opportunity at living out their dreams that many children never get the chance to!

His mother is a housewife and his father works in the private sector. He doesn’t open up about his family members, so it’s hard to know what they do for work or how much information there actually might be out there on them!

Interesting Facts About Scott Yancey

  • As of November 2022, he has around 44k followers on his Instagram account. (@scott_yancey)
  • He gave a home to a wounded veteran in one episode of Flipping Vegas.
  • He has published two books: Go Time and Flipping Your Way to Real Estate Profits, both of which were released in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

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