Who Is Sidra Smith? Everything About Her Kids, Bio, Tasha Smith Twin Sister

Sidra Smith is a renowned American film producer, screenwriter, actress as well as a casting director. She herself is not a new name in Hollywood. However, she has been receiving attention more than ever for being the twin sister of Tasha Smith.

She has produced television series such as Playas Balls in 2003,  A Luv Tale in 2003, and Flash in 2004 among many others. Sidra has also been on the casting team for the TV shows including Master Spy: Robert Hannsen Story, Daredevil, and The Wonderful World Of Disney.

Sidra Smith Bio

It can be hard to figure out who you are when you’re raised by a single mother. You may feel like you have to take care of her, and that can leave little room for developing your own identity. For Sidra Smith (a talented artist), sorting through these questions became an ongoing struggle until recently when she found out about something so surprising-and painful–that all other complications seemed simple again compared to this new revelation on where her true self lay hidden.”

Their mother has since turned her life around and has been free of addiction for 25 years. Her sister Tasha has spoken about the issue:

We are not defined by our mistakes. We are defined by what we’re able to overcome.”

25 years ago, Sidra’s mother was an alcoholic and addict. She has since turned her life around by getting clean for the first time after 25 long years of drinking herself to death with no success in sight until one day when she saw Jesus Christ standing beside a pile of bottles waiting on him… 

Sarah hasn’t been doing so well these days though; currently working as a model while living out their famous words “I’ll never get tired.” Who Is Sidra Smith?

She’s not one to shy away from the spotlight and has been earning herself some fame lately. Currently, she resides in Harlem, but you might find her at any event or meeting that will have your attention for sure! She doesn’t have an official Wikipedia page yet, but IMDB has a lot of information about her. IMDB started everything rolling forward together with more information than we could get without help from other sources.


She started off in her career by casting music videos for Dr. Dre in the early ’90s. Her career progressed pretty quickly. She then moved to assist with feature films. She went on to establish Sidra Smith Casting that was focused on ad campaigns and TV commercials.

Sidra is very dedicated to her work, In fact, she has lived in Ghana for two years where she produced a documentary called 50 episodes of a pan African talk show. She also managed to find time to volunteer every Saturday with boys from a local orphanage.

She loves her job because she gets to express herself and also helps represent other people. This makes everyone feel more seen. One way this comes to show up often enough would be how often people recognize your voice even without saying anything aloud; there are times when I’ll catch myself midsentence thinking “that sounds familiar”

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Codeblack Films is developing a movie about Angela Davis, an iconic activist, and professor who has been an inspiration to many people in their struggle against oppression. And the producer of this movie? You guessed it—Sidra Smith!

Does Sidra Smith Have Kids?

Sidra Smith is a talented singer and actress who has managed to keep her private life out of the spotlight. As such, there’s nothing on record when it comes down to dating or marriage for this beautiful woman…but many people believe she must be married!

Twin Sister Tasha Smith

Tasha Smith, the twin sister of Jurnee Caution is also in show business. She has acted as an actress and director for films alongside producing them too!

Tasha was educated at Camden High School but eventually dropped out when she became pregnant with her now-husband Demetrius Mamalaki during college time (which happens). They own their own company which produces content that can be accessed online through various platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. This way, people all over America can enjoy themselves, no matter what their financial situation is.

Tasha and Sidra are identical twins who live together in an apartment complex popular with Hollywood celebrities. This married couple met and started working together in the entertainment industry in the 1990s. They worked on opposite sides of town. The wife was an actress and the husband was a manager. The couple got married one year later, but there was some controversy because the wife asked for a restraining order against her husband following allegations of adultery just months before.

She married her boyfriend of one-year Keith Douglas in December of 2010. Keith was also her manager. She appeared in court to request a restraining order against him in 2014. Tasha has accused her ex-husband of adultery.

Tasha and Sidra are identical twins. Only a few can tell them apart. The twin sisters are reportedly very close to one another. They also have so many things in common including their professions. Both of them have found their places in the Hollywood Entertainment industry since the ’90s.

Sidra Smith Height And Weight

Sidra has an estimated net worth of a million dollars as per some websites. She looks fit and tall with 34-26 -34 measurements that are not available for public viewing yet but we can only imagine how beautiful she must be when it comes down right! Who Is Sidra Smith?

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