Sofia Franklyn Net Worth 2022: Is Sofia Franklyn single?

What is the net worth of Sofia Franklyn?

$500 Thousand

Underwood and Franklyn’s dispute led to their separation in May 2020. The following month, the former cohost launched her own podcast called “Sofia with an F.” In addition to being a social media influencer (with over 500 thousand followers on Instagram) and a successful blogger who has published several articles about parenting topics such as discipline methods for kids; Underwood also works at home by creating videos related query speech synch problems for Sofia Frankel.

Quick Facts About Sofia Franklyn

Sofia Franklyn’s Net Worth $500K
Date of Birth July 21, 1992
Age 29
Height 5 feet 5 inches (1 m 65 cm)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Podcaster, Blogger, Television Personality
Boyfriend Peter Nelson

Sofia Franklyn Earnings, Career and More

When it comes to money, Sofia Franklyn is no stranger. In fact, the podcaster has a net worth of 500k and all thanks for her success can be attributed in part to being paid 75K per year as host on Barstool Sports’ podcast called Call Her Daddy which also gives them an additional 2500 each time an episode draws 10% more than their average audience size.

Sofia’s latest projects include launching a solopreneurism website where she provides tips about running your own business while working remotely or joining Facebook groups focused on self-employment topics such as Starting Your Side Hustle Successfully!.

When Tanya left her job in the financial sector to try something more creative, she didn’t know what that would be. After all of those years of working for other people and sitting at a desk every day; it was time for something new! So without hesitation – this young woman relocated herself across the country only knowing one person (other than family) who lived there already: NYC’s Barstool Sports site where they covered news through blogs podcasts & videos. And lucky enough- within 6 months Sofia was called in to host their popular podcast, Call Her Daddy. Sofia’s salary is 75k per year plus an additional 2500 each time an episode draws 10% more than their average audience size.

After vacationing in Texas, she met Alexandra Cooper while discussing people’s love relationships on the beach. They drew the attention of an audience member who suggested they launch a podcast together as result; afterwards (and thanks especially to this guy), Sofia and her friend decided that creating one would be fun! This new endeavour premiered last year under Barstool Sports Network with “Call Her Daddy.”

This past year, Sofia Franklyn had an amazing story. The show focused on relationships and dating culture which made it very captivating to watch! They were soon after offered a contract by Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy because he believes they have what it takes to be successful in the sports industry- awesomely written!!

When the New York Post reported that Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper sought to get out of Barstool after a few weeks locked down by deadlock between her employer and them, David Portnoy revealed he offered the two high six-figure salaries with an option for reclaiming their intellectual property. However, she was not amenable as per a source close enough who spoke on behalf said they wanted more control than what could be given through this deal while Cooper seemed happy about it according to Sofia.

Sofia Franklyn Relationship, Personal Life and Controversy

So, Peter Nelson is the new boyfriend of Sofia Franklyn. This executive at HBO has been dating her since early 2019 and she’s been referring to him as “Quitman” on her podcast!

Sofia Franklyn Relationship, Personal Life and Controversy

Even though she has a fantastic reputation, Sofia Franklyn is not without controversy. In 2011 at age 20 and after being charged with minor in possession of alcohol public intoxication (and possibly more) when police caught up with her for doing nothing else than drinking too much on an evening out – things seemed quite unfavourable for this young woman who’s already experienced so many hardships before even getting into college!

Sofia Franklyn Early Life, Family, and Education

Sofía Franklyn was born in the United States, to parents who are also citizens here. They raised their daughter most of her life and she has always been passionate about Economics! She attended UniversityUtah before graduating with a bachelor’s degree similar to mine (I studied Econ). Later on, after getting married again at the age 30-years old; this time around things worked out better than ever as they say…

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