Stacey Silva Net Worth 2022: Is Stacey still with Florian?

$2 Million

Stacey Silva is an American reality star who has a net worth of $2 million. She’s also involved in the production and management companies for her clothing brand, as well as managing twin sister Darcey’s publicity aspects on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days (2017). You may know Stacie from other programs like “Dangerous Curves” or perhaps you watched last year when she appeared alongside David Guillod – but no matter what your opinion about either personage is; here at B Plus Magazine we want nothing more than detail every aspect that makes up these intriguing lives!

Quick Facts About Stacey Silva

Stacey Silva Estimated Net Worth $2 Million
Age 46
Date Of Birth 23rd September 1974
Gender Female
Sexual Identity Straight
Profession Reality Tv Star, Entrepreneur, And Singer
Married/Dating Husband- Florian Sukaj
Height 5 feet and 1 inch (1.54 meters)

Stacey Silva Career – Clothing Line, Production Company, Songs And Tv-shows

The reality TV starlet has earned $2 million of net worth from her profession as an actress, entrepreneur and social media phenomenon. The 28-year-old is one half of the fashion house duo ‘House Of Eleven’ with twin sister Darey who also happens to be co-owner alongside Stacee’s own personal income source; singing professionally through songs like “cellular” which was released late last year after premiering it at award shows such(…)

Stacey Silva is a successful entrepreneur with an extensive portfolio of work. She started out by creating the clothing line and production company, which has produced several songs for Billboard charts including #1 hit “Gonna Get You” by Dykeenot! 

She also owns another venture called Eleventh Entertainment that produces films such as White T together under their banner Amvic Pictures Distribution Company Incorporated (ADCC).

Stacey Silva is an entrepreneur who has been involved in the music industry for years. She began as a clothing designer, producer and reality star on shows such as “90 Day Fiancé” (2017) before branching out into other areas like singing with her sister Darcey; they released two songwriting collaborations this year alone!

Detail On Stacey Silva’s Plastic Surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery, there is no such thing as “just” one operation. The reality star Stacey Silva and her twin sister Darcey amazed their fans by undergoing the knife three years ago for Barbie Touch Up Laser Surgery- which includes breast implants along with Brazilian butt lifts (and other procedures). They also had liposuction on the eyes or nose if needed in addition!

Some people criticized Stacey for her decision to post a fresh and new look on social media, but the model has been ignoring all of these negative comments. Instead, she’s embracing who is behind by posting photos and videos from various angles as partaking in beauty practices such as hair styling or makeup!

Stacey Silva Husband – Detail On Her Married Life And Children

Stacey Silva is a married woman with no children. She was dating Florian Sukaj, whom she eventually married and had two dogs from before going into marriage (one golden retriever/retrieval canine). 

After six months of dating online on Instagram after meeting each other through his work as an architect; they shotgun propose to one another while hiking at Yosemite National Park which he later admitted being very nerves about asking her!

Stacey Silva has been married to the man she calls “Mateo” for over a decade now. The couple’s two sons, Mateo (8) and Parker(6) were born from this relationship with an unknown father but are still living in San Diego where it all began!

Stacey Silva Wiki And Family

Stacey is a 46-year-old American reality television personality and socialite. She was born on September 23rd 1974 in Connecticut to Mike & Nancy Silva but has since lost her twin sister Darcey (who also passed away from cancer) as well as her brother due to their parent’s lifestyle choices which led them into bankruptcy when they were just teenagers!

Info On Stacey Silva Education

Stacie attended one of the schools in her hometown. Then, she went to University and Marshall U before graduating with a degree from Harvey Mudd College!

Stacey Silva Height And Weight

Stacey Silva is a gorgeous woman who has an adorable face and body. She stands at 5’1″ with measurements that include 37-25 1/2 -36″.

Stacey Silva Nationality And Ethnicity

Stacey holds American nationality.

Likewise, her ethnicity is white.

Interesting Facts About Stacey Silva

Christianity is the religion of Stacey Silvatv. 

Her Instagram has over 450k followers and she uploads daily inspirational messages to make others feel better about themselves!

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