Does Sukihana Have Kids? Meet The Family Of The ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ Star

Sukihana: Sukihana is an American rapper who appears on the famous television reality show called Love & Hip Hop: Miami. She started her musical career by uploading a few YouTube videos in 2017. She went viral the same year after the release of Kodak Snack.

Love and Hip Hop: Miami is currently on its fourth season airing on VH1. The musical reality show features all the latest scandals and drama in the Miami music scene. People haven’t seen a lot of her family life on the show despite her being one of the main cast members.

Amidst this secrecy, fans have been trying to find out more and more about the personal life of the artist.

Does Sukihana Have Kids?

Growing up in a single-mother household, it was important for Sukihana to pursue her educational dreams. She credits this passion and drive that helped shape who she is today – both on-screen at home with kids or away from them altogether!

“The viewers of this show are gushing about her child. They’re tweeting their amazement to see a very well-mannered kid, and it looks like she’s raised them pretty well.”

This passage talks about how some people on social media have reviewed Sukihana’s parenting skills because they loved hearing what others thought while watching access-controlled content (a show where only those who pay to get access). 

In a deleted Instagram caption. Sukihana stated:

They said I wouldn’t find true love or become a successful rapper because I had children. Now I have all three. I thank God for my life, my family, and my team. Never give up or let a hater tell you you can’t

They said I wouldn’t find true love or become a successful rapper because of my children. Now, they are all grown up and living their own lives!

A hatin’ ass nigga told me that if I kept at it, then there would come a time when you can’t do anything but Production music anyway, so why not go ahead with what your heart wants?

With a busy schedule, Sukihana makes sure to spend time with her children. She doesn’t post any photos of the kids on social media because she cares for their privacy and wants them to grow up in peace without being judged by others who may not know what’s best for them.

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Sukihana Family

When Sukihana’s mother found out that her daughter wanted more kids, she was unhappy. The artist has two sons from a previous relationship but wants another baby with then-boyfriend Kill Bill. Since he left for Africa last year, the latter hasn’t said goodbye or explained why exactly things went south between them so fast after only six months together!

It could be interesting to explore because there are questions about how family members react when their children decide on something outside of their thoughts.


The talented 29-year-old singer is currently single. Before she was with Kill Bill, Suki dated another artist from The Voice: Nigeria’s Khaotic. Their relationship ended after discovering that an adoption agency had tried to post online that Suki was pregnant with his child. \made many people think that they were never really committed to each other in the first place. But this time around, things seem more serious–the two have been together often enough (and long term!

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Love & Hip Hop: Miami

When you hear the name Sukihana, what comes to mind? Many people around this world are likely familiar with who specialises in hip hop. But do not just because she has been recognizable from the T.V. show Love & Hip Hop: Miami, which airs across various networks worldwide (including VH1). Since then, fans have followed her journey as both artist and mother striving hard day after a long night of work trying to bring children into today’s fast-paced society while still maintaining their careers or families without compromising one over another.”

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