Sukihana Net Worth 2022: How Sukihana Achieved a Net Worth of $1 Million

$300 Thousand

Sukihana Net Worth: When Sukihana was just an ordinary girl with a passion for rap music, she took to Instagram and uploaded her own remix version of Kodak Black’s popular track “Kodak Snack.” The video went viral all over social media because people loved how creative it was! As if that weren’t enough validation already, soon after this project came out there were reports about other artists wanting Henderson on their team – including Cardi B who’s currently number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (and still counting).

Sukihana’s Quick Bio

Birth Name Destiny Henderson
Birth Date 15 November 1991 (Age 29)
Birth Place Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Birth Sign Scorpio
Gender Female
Other Names Sukihana, Suki, Suki With the Good Coochie
Parent(s) N/A
Sibling(s) N/A
High School N/A
College N/A
Education N/A
Profession Television celebrity,  rapper, songwriter, Youtuber, model, and social media influencer
Active Years 2016- Present
Country United States of America
Nationality America
Height 5 feet 1 inch
Weight 55 kg
Eye colour Dark Brown
Hair colour Black
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship In a relationship, Engaged
Spouse(s) Unmarried
Boyfriend(s) Kill Bill
Children Four kids
Tattoos Yes
Social Media Handles Instagram 




Net worth $1 million

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What Is Sukihana Income? Her Playlist and Love & Hip-Hop Miami

Trina has been in the music industry for years, and she’s accumulated $300 thousand dollars through her profession. The hits like Drug Dealer or 5 Foot Freestyle helped make that possible while gaining hundred of Thousands of fans worldwide! Plus latest single Pretty And Rachet is getting attention from many people because it’s so catchy.”

The songs of Destiny have always been filled with hard-hitting lyrics and this time she did not disappoint. Her mixtape includes tracks like Run Dem Badz, which is devoted to fighting against social injustice in America; Thot Thoughts refers briefly to how bad people can be thoughtless about others’ feelings when they lie down next to them at night (a line from RNB song by Iggy Azalea). Similarly, Trina took part in an episode called Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta -which focused on her unfiltered badass attitude as a well as bold character that helped get attention throughout the show because it showcased everything we love about our favourite singers.

Her early years

Wikipedia confirms that Sukihana was born as Destiny Henderson on November 15, 1991. She spent her early years growing up in her hometown Wilmington, Delaware. Her parents enrolled her in an Atlanta, Georgia creative art school while she was still young. She later moved to Miami, Florida where she adopted her nickname Sukihana from a joke someone made at an Asian restaurant in the Christiana Mall. They told her she tasted like Sukihana and the rest is history. She took on the nickname as her professional name.

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Who Is Sukihana Married Too? Husband And Boyfriend

When Sukihana announced that she was dating a man named Kill Bill, many of her fans were eagerly waiting to see if the duo would get married. They finally did not long ago at the end of 2019 and now we know why – because their relationship ended just as quickly with no engagement or wedding!

Destiny’s love life is something that people may not know about. She was previously involved romantically with Khaotic, but the two ended their relationship and moved on separately after he filmed a video without permission from her team scout group who represent Wolf Pussy Records–their record label where they are currently signed under. The date of separation has yet to surface completely however; sources say it could be anywhere between late 2017 or early 2018.

Detail On Sukihana Children

Hearing about the hardships that come with raising children, such as balancing work and family time can be challenging for any parent. But Destiny has done just fine in managing her life so far by providing carefree love from morning until night-time while also working hard on being successful at what she does best – whether it’s music or not!

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Sukihana Bio- Age And Ethnicity

The reality star is an African American woman who was born to unknown parents on November 15th 1991. She has released very little information about them or herself in order to maintain her privacy, but it’s been confirmed that the Delaware native carries scars from a difficult childhood due to their lack of finances which led many people to ask for financial assistance before they were able to help anyone else with debts around town.”

Why is it surprising that Sukihana is a millionaire?

Sukihana has a lot going for her careerwise. She was invited back for the fourth season of Love and Hip Hop: Miami” per Reality Titbit. We saw her “momager” advise her that another child could cause problems for her career. It left the impression that she may not make the best decisions when it comes to managing her budget and finances. She also pays hefty sums to her momagers and stylists. Her viewers have seen her expensive tastes and they predicted that she would likely go broke because of the frequent spending. She responded to criticism by affirming that her goal is to provide the best possible life for her children. It’s difficult not to respect her commitment to the kids. The truth is that nobody knows what she does with the large sums of money that pour in from her hard work and smart business decisions. She likely spends within her budget, which is likely high because of her massive success.

What is Sukihana’s net worth?

  • Sukihana’s net worth is estimated between $300,000 to $ 1 million.

Some fans thought that she would be “broke” soon, as she tends to buy luxury items and spend her money often on LAHH.

This led several viewers to question how much she makes, and what her net worth is, after she revealed her desire is to give her children a good life.

She got her big break by starring on Cardi B’s TikTok-loving ‘WAP’ video, and earned herself a large following on content subscription site Only Fans.

What does Sukihana do for a living?

  • Sukihana is a rapper and reality TV star.

Sukihana’s Personal Information

What is Sukihana’s physical appearance?

Sukihana is a 29 years old TV star and rapper born on 15 November 1991 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. She has a bodyweight of 55 kg and a height of 5.1 feet. The rapper has dark brown eyes and black hair. She has multiple tattoos on her body.

Sukihana’s Relationship

Is Sukihana gay?

Sukihana is straight and has been in many relationships so far. She is currently sharing a good bond with the rapper Kill Bill. According to the sources, they are engaged. Sukihana has four kids.

Sukihana’s Net worth

What are the income sources of Sukihana?

Sukihana is a successful rapper, lyricist, model, TV personality, and social media star. Her net worth is $1 million.


  • Sukihana is 29 years old.
  • Her only mixtape is Wolf Pussy.
  • She has four kids.

LAHH: Sukihana’s salary explored

On YouTube alone, Sukihana’s channel reportedly has a net worth of $29K in August 2021, and made $13,100 just last month.

As the Love and Hip Hop cast earn an average of $17,000 per episode, it’s likely that she makes a significant income from starring on the show.

This means that if she appeared on around 10 episodes and earned just from YouTube, she may make $183,000 – and that’s without music income!

While the average musician’s salary in Miami is $45,489, it’s likely that Sukihana makes quite a lot more than that a year, judging by her success.

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Interesting Facts About Sukihana

There is an Instagram star named Sukihana who has over 1 million followers. She does not believe in relationships and often posts dating advice for other people to follow, as well!

Final thoughts

Sukihana is a phenomenal young entertainer who recently broke into the reality television arena. She started her career as a social media personality with uploads featuring her rap videos to a YouTube channel in 2016. Within a year, her audience of followers grew to over three-quarters of a million. Sukihana is a talented songwriter who anticipates what her audience wants to hear, and she gives it to them. The snippets of her personal life we see on LLHHM are just snapshots in time and do not represent who she is as a gestalt. She is after all an actress and a little drama helps increase the show’s ratings. If Sukihana was the spendthrift fans accuse her of being, she wouldn’t be worth over a million dollars. She’s a devoted mother who looks after the well-being of her children. She can afford to give them the best and most luxurious things life offers. It’s no crime. She enjoys the fruits of her labor by buying expensive items, but it goes with the territory of the rich and successful in this world. We feel confident in assuming that Sukihana has earned her status as a millionaire through her successful career as a rapper, YouTuber, social influencer, and actress. The entertainment industry has been good to her so far.


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