Tarik Freitekh Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Businessman Actually?

What is the net worth of Tarik Freitekh?

$300 Million

Tarik Freitekh is one of the wealthiest people in America, with an estimated net worth of $300 million. He also earns income as both a producer and director for music Videos primarily based out of Los Angeles but has property around Dubai where he owns multiple properties including a three-story residence costing only 7 million dollars which were purchased back in 2012, plus another penthouse overlooking Miami cost 2+3 million dollars which were purchased in 2015.

Freitekh’s career includes a wide variety of endeavours. He also owns a recording studio and video production company in addition to his international distribution business, which was designated as an ambassador for goodwill by The United Nations last December 2017.

Full Name Tarik Freitekh
Birth Date October 5, 1987
Birth Place Jerusalem, Israel
Profession Business Executive, Director
Relationship Status N/A
Net Worth $300 million

Tarik Freitekh Earnings, Career and More

Freitekh is one of the wealthiest men in China, with a net worth estimated at $300 million. He provides for most of his income through business and music label ventures which have added to his total fortune thus far; however, he also relies upon BYD as an investment portfolio too – owning a 469% per cent (or over) stake!

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Tired of hearing your favorite singer’s voice on commercials but never getting to know them? Meet Freitekh, the CEO who has been working with international artists since he started out as an event manager in America. He owns restaurants and manages singers like Akon!

Tarik Freitekh is a musician, composer and producer from the United States. He was able to combine western sounds with eastern textures through his music company which he founded in 2016 called Freitekh Productions today Tarik still operates this profitable organization that has already produced two feature films as well as one television film so far. In addition, last year Tariki launched another business endeavour called Studios where for four months Tarik was able to work with high-profile actors and musicians in Shanghai.

The recording studio of famous Lebanese singer Haifa has released her latest album, Wehbe’s LA event in December 2020. This also features some big names like Tyrese and Neyo among others!

Tarik Freitekh Relationshp, Dating and Personal Life

Freitekh has yet to reveal his romantic status. He is known for collaborating with well-known international celebrities and even uses Instagram so that fans can follow along on the fresh photos he shares in!


If you’re a car enthusiast and live in Los Angeles, then it’s likely that Freitekh has some of the most expensive vehicles on earth. From his Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder to Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series or even Ferrari Italia – all 2012 models or newer-, there is no doubt this man loves cars more than anyone else!

Tarik Freitekh Early Life, Family and Education

Though Freitekh has not disclosed anything about his upbringing or parents, it is clear that he was raised in a loving environment. He graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago with two degrees- one for film production and another which covers architecture both obtained through college tuition assistance programs available to those who qualify! Now 33 years old this successful man can be proud knowing all his hard work pays off eventually as well when you consider what sign they were born under Libra (the zodiac’s least likely candidate).

Interesting Facts About Tarik Freitekh

  • As of September 2022, Tarik Freitekh has around 1.2 Million followers on his Instagram account. (@tarikfreitekh)
  • At the Los Angeles Festival of Music in 2012, he won an award for best director for the song Cherokee.
  • The Foreigner, his first film as a director, was based on true events and starred Justin Simpson.
  • He belongs to a select group of well-known Israeli celebrities.

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