Tarik Freitekh Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career

Tarik Freitekh Net Worth: Tarik Freitekh is a world-renowned businessman and entrepreneur who has been building his empire one industry at a time. Tarik founded the international distribution company in Dubai, video studios in Miami, California; production companies: World Music Production & Starbuzz Entertainment and multiple recording studios across America. As of 2022, he’s estimated to be worth about $300 million with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

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Full Name Tarik Freitekh
Birth Date October 5, 1987
Birth Place Jerusalem, Israel
Profession Business Executive, Director
Relationship Status N/A
Tarik Freitekh Net Worth $300 million

Early life

Tarik Freitekh was born on the 5th of October, 1987, in Jerusalem, Israel. He has not talked much about his early life and parents, but he received a bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking from the Art Institute and architecture back when 2007 rolled around.

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Tarik Freitekh Net Worth & Career

Tarik’s childhood dream was to be a music producer, and he took the first step in his journey by meeting Akon. What used to be just hope became a reality after being inspired by one of Africa’s most famous singers, an international songwriter, and a philanthropist. Tarik managed events for well-known artists like Jay-Z and Beyoncé before becoming CEO of World Music Production Company. He directed many projects with collaborations between western musicians such as Usher, Shakira, and rock stars, including AC/DC. His company has created different styles through its productions that are both eclectic but cohesive at the same time, showing off sounds from across the world while staying true to their roots on every track!

Freitekh started his own production company, Freitekh Productions, in 2016.

To date, he has directed two feature movies and a TV film that audiences worldwide have critically acclaimed. His first directorial work came in 2012 with the movie “The Foreigner,” which was based on actual events starring Justin Simpson as protagonist Jake Simms who is portrayed to be an international mercenary hired for assassination jobs all over Africa during apartheid-era South Africa.

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Tarik began a new business venture by starting Freitekh Studios in 2017. He has been working as an executive director of the studios for four years now. Tarik also directed a song called “Cherokee” that he received an award for best director at the Los Angeles Festival of Music 2012. Recently, his record label released Lebanese singer Haifa’s Wehbe’s LA show, featuring other famous stars like Tyrese, Neyo, Akon Kelly Rowland, and Justin Bieber.

Tarik is a true entrepreneur. After founding TFI Group, he went on to buy $1 billion worth of shares in China’s BYD and represent 4.69% shareholding stake in the company, which was confirmed by BYD when it launched its IPO earlier this year where Tarik also bought another 150 million more stocks at an average price per unit of around HK$11 (USD 1). He has many restaurants across America as well!

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Tarik Freitekh Personal Life

One of the most eligible bachelors in Lebanon, Tarik Freitekh is known for his collaborations with famous international stars and posting pictures on Instagram. Recently he wished a happy birthday to Haifa Wehbe by sharing an intimate image from their dinner date. It’s unclear if they’re just friends or dating, but it seems like there might be some sparks flying between them!

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Tarik Freitekh Net Worth

As of 2022, Tarik Freitekh is estimated to have a personal wealth worth $300 million. In addition, he has many properties and cars, such as the Hollywood Hills-based home, which he owns worth 7 million dollars alone. Likewise, he also possesses exotic vehicles like a Ferrari Italia while maintaining his Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder car valued at 1M USD+.

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