Technoblade – Age, Family, Bio | Celebrate Birthdays 2022


He is a video gaming YouTuber. He does a lot of beautiful comedy. He has amassed 10 million subscribers for his many comedies and Minecraft videos He has created a SkyWars series for his channel.

Quick Facts:

BIRTHDAY: June 1, 1999
BIRTHPLACE: California
AGE: 22 years old
Most Popular: 616

Before fame

He was originally known as TechnoThePig online before he became YouTuber & Best Comedian.


He made videos on a few topics. There are many views on his video. One of the videos has many views. His video “Beating Minecraft Hardcore mode with a steering wheel” has crossed 12 million views.

Family life

She has three younger sisters. He also has a brother. Her parents divorced in 2016.

Associated with

One of his most watched videos is titled “Huahwi Vs Technoblade – 1v1 of the Ages.”

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