Tempestt Bledsoe Net Worth 2022: Are Darryl Bell and Tempestt Bledsoe?

What is the net worth of Tempestt Bledsoe?

$6 Million

With a net worth of $6 million, Tempestt Bledsoe is one Hollywood celebrity who’s made it big in both personal life and on-screen. Her most well-known role to date has been as Vanessa Huxtable Tupperlin The Cosby Show which she played from 1984 until 1992 when that show went into syndication.”

As she continued to build on her success, Desiree was introduced as the new host of Clean House in December 2010 which gave her further recognition. This led to more work for movie roles and TV Shows like GUYS WITH KIDS on the NBC television network starting in September 2012 until February 2013 when they eliminated Marny – one character played by Ribisi’s wife Nancy Margolsky who also served as an executive producer alongside Calaitic Timberline ( recreation manager).

Quick Facts About Tempestt Bledsoe

Tempestt Bledsoe Net Worth $6 Million
Date of Birth August 1, 1973
Age 48
Height 5 ft 7 in (1.72 m)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Voice Actor
Relationship Status Dating
Boyfriend Darryl Bell

Tempestt Bledsoe Earnings, Career, Wiki, and More

In 1984, she was cast in the sitcom The Cosby Show as Vanessa Huxtable. She played a regular on this show until it ended in 1992 and also appeared briefly during A Different World’s fifth season for some window dressing before taking up more substantial roles that would last through much of 1993-94 TV year with an ABC Afterschool Special program called The Gift Of Amazing Grace where her character graced us all once again!

She was a successful host of the popular daytime chat show, The Tempestt Bledsoe Show. She hosted this production produced by Columbia TriStar Television and Dick Clark from around 1990 to 1996 with an appearance as well in ABC’s sitcom “The Practice” which aired between 1997-2000; you may not know that name but I’m sure it’ll stick out like sore thumb given how many people watch their shows!

Her most recent roles include Nina in Oxygen Channel’s original television movie Husband for Hire, and Steven Bochco’s Raising the Bar. She also starred as Dr Meera Johar on ABC Family’s successful drama series commended by critics across America.

Madelaine has appeared both critically acclaimed, such as last year alongside George Clooney where she played the character ‘Nina.’ The show won multiple awards including Best Cable Mini-Series or structured reshaped entertainment industry norms with its gritty portrayal of medical professionals at work during emergencies. Tempestt Bledsoe is in a leading role in this tv show filled with suspense and action!

The celebrity from our last episode, Niecy Nash has replaced herself as the host of Style Network’s Clean House. The first show will air on January 26 and it is exciting to see what she can do with such an important position!

She has been the voice of Sheriff Hooper in several films, most recently ParaNorman and Instant Mom. In 2014 she returned to playing Vanessa Huxtable on I Amgat Mother’s Day where we saw a different side to this motherly woman that left us speechless with her acting skills! Most recently She starred as Mrs Potter opposite Ed Asner (the dad) & Bruce Boxleitner(her son).

Tempestt Bledsoe Relationship and Personal Life

She’s not currently married, but she has been in a serious relationship with her long-time partner Darryl Bell for many years. The two share an apartment and are beloved by few people outside of it too – which makes them perfect candidates as schemers or even criminals if you so choose!


Together, they have one of the most successful sitcoms in history. They met on setback when it was just A Different World and Cosby Show spin-off – but this time around there were no other stars for them to compete against! It’s clear these two love each other very much because you can’t really tell from all those years spent together whether or not Whitley is still single after 23 years as an actor/director etc., versus 26 without success at finding lasting happiness through marriage…

Tempestt Bledsoe Early Life, Family, and Education

When she was nine years old, is received a prominent role on the NBC TV series The Cosby Show which made her upbringing even more memorable.

After appearing in an advertisement at four and winning over audiences as Tempest McCoy opposite Bill Paxton’s Cliff Huxtable throughout most of the 1990s sitcom “Silver Spoons,” Richens became known worldwide through toy commercials for Kinder eggs alongside intrepid dog actor Gary Sinoro or popularly spoofed by Chris Rock – all before turning 20!

Growing up in New York, she attended a local high school and went on to NYU for her degree. After graduating college with honours from the finance department at NY University’s School of Business Administration, it was clear that this woman had talent!

Interesting Facts About Tempestt Bledsoe

  • As of November 2022, she has around 5.5k followers on her Twitter account. (@TempesttBledsoe)
  • She was nominated for Favorite TV Actress in the 1988 Kids’ Choice Awards for The Cosby Show.
  • She appeared in season 3 of the VH1 TV reality show Celebrity Fit Club on January 1, 2006. She aimed to reduce her body fat percentage to 25% with the help of the program. She lost roughly 19 pounds as a result of her weight loss experience with Celebrity Fit Club.
  • Her right-hand bears a birthmark.

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