The Voice: Who Is Bekah Liechty? Talk About Personal Life, Age, Wiki And Family

Bekah Liechty: Bekah Liechty is a member of the band called The Girl Named Tom.Her band is actually a popular trio band from Perrysville located in Ohio. The trio consists of her and her two siblings: Joshua Liechty and Caleb Liechty. They got the first four-chair turn in the 21st season of The Voice.

Just like that, her childhood dream has finally come true. Her appearance in the singing reality show has given her exposure to the public. Her extraordinary performance has also caught the attention of many. People are curious about their personal life in Bekah.

Bekah Liechty Wiki, Family, And Age

Bekah Liechty was born in August of the year 2000 to her father Chris Liechty and mother Holly Liechty. Her date of birth makes her 21 years old as of 2021. She was brought up alongside her siblings Caleb and Joshua in Ohio. Her siblings are graduates of Goshen College.

But they relocated to South Bend in Indiana a year later. It was their mother Holly who gave the spirit to this band of brothers and sisters when she supported them through thick and thin, despite being one person fewer due to her husband’s job requirements that required long-distance travel out west after World War II had ended which led him settling down permanently near family members already living there before him. The Liechty family is one of the most tight-knit, loving families in The Voice community.

Since the age of 14, Bekah has done so much progress in her music career. Her future looks bright as a singer with all eyes on what she will do next! In addition to becoming an accomplished songwriter and vocalist for other songs- including those written by herself -she also manages 13k followers who love following this amazing talent’s every move online through her Instagram account which gained popularity quickly due to its engaging content.” The Voice Bekah Liechty Singer Personal Life.

The Voice: Bekah Liechty

The three members of the group had performed in The Voice. They sang their song “Helplessly Hoping” to turn all four chairs around and earn themselves a spot as an ideal contestant for this show, which took place over summertime months but didn’t get broadcast until recently when we saw how amazing these kids could sing! The Voice Bekah Liechty Singer Personal Life.

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The talented group of singers is now in the next round. They must survive another battle to move onto knockout where they will perform live for all those watching!

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Bekah Liechty Personal Life

When Bekah Liechty went on a trip with her brothers in 2019, they called up all their friends and family across the nation to find any connection. They loved this idea as it was an excuse for them to bond while traveling!

A lot of people close to Caleb said that when he performed during The Voice: “It’s been cool see how much joy our performance has brought not only ourselves but for everyone around us.”

Source: South Bend Tribune

The one thing we know about Bekah is that she’s not into the dating scene. She seems to be super focused on her career and spending time with family, which leaves little room for any relationships or love interests in sight! But don’t count this singer out just yet; maybe someday soon you’ll see your name pop up somewhere unexpected like next week’s cover story of people magazine ( sworn confidentiality ).

Their family and friends are very happy for them. In fact, a lot of them felt famous after Bekah and the brothers went on The Voice. Caleb has said:

It’s been cool to see family and friends tell us they felt famous after our performance

There has been no information about the romantic life of Bekah. She is more likely super focused on her singing rather than on relationships. She seems happy and satisfied in her personal life. She is also grateful for the success she has been a part of.

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