Todd Chrisley Net Worth 2022: Age, Height, Weight, Bio, and Career

Todd Chrisley Net Worth 2022: Todd Chrisley is a real estate tycoon and reality TV star known for “Chrisley Knows Best,” the hit show revolving around his family’s lifestyle. He was born in Georgia on April 6th, 1969 to parents who instilled an image of Southern Christian perfection within him from day one–even though he’s admittedly quirky with plenty of drama at home too! Despite going bankrupt twice (personally in 2012, and then again when Chrisley Asset Management went under just two years later) Todd has re-accumulated all his wealth through charisma and intrigue. What other talent does this man have?

Todd Chrisley, 47-year old American entrepreneur and television personality was arrested on a multi-count indictment along with his wife Julie who is also implicated. They face charges of conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion according to NBC which could lead to up to 30 years in prison for the couple if convicted. The arrest came after an investigative report by News Channel 5 that showed Todd Chrisley as living lavishly off “the proceeds” from their Asset Management firm; court documents show they spent nearly $300K per year on clothes alone (according to Daily Mail) while investing less than 20% of what people gave them into mutual funds or stocks! It seems however that such a lavish lifestyle may not be real at all – other reports claim that the couple was living off of investments from Todd’s TV show, and they were just spending a conservative amount.

Full Name Chrisley Knows Best
Net Worth $1 Million
Date Of Birth 6 April 1969
Place Of Birth Georgia, USA
Height 1.79 m
Weight 78 kg
Profession Actor, Producer, Businessperson, Entrepreneur, TV Personality
Nationality American

How Did Todd Chrisley Make & Lose $50 Million?

Todd Chrisley grew up in rural poverty, but with a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, he was able to build his wealth from nothing. His family’s current status is unclear as the numbers of their yearly income are unknown; however, based on what we can gather they also have become extremely wealthy since appearing on TV. The show has been cancelled for two years now due to Todd’s legal troubles so it will be interesting how much money this one man lost through not filming any episodes for that time period!

What are the consequences of overspending and lack of transparency? On Todd Chrisley’s show, he seemed to be less concerned with disclosing his net worth than displaying expensive purchases. But for him, it appeared that this was not only a personal trait but one which caused bankruptcy for himself as well as his company. As of 2021, we can see from reports that Todd had lost $5 million in wealth have gone bankrupt at some point during these years due to too much spending and being unwilling or unable to disclose numbers about what he owned (allowing us all access).

It is no small secret that the Kardashian family has amassed a fortune over time through their various ventures, but now with recent legal accusations being thrown around in 2019, there are many wondering where it all came from. There’s no doubt they could have gathered enough money for such an impressive lifestyle by utilizing numerous illegal means or just legally making millions of dollars and spending it on things like lavish vacations. Either way, this famous family will surely be under scrutiny as new information about them comes to light in the coming months so stay tuned!

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Why is he so famous?

Chrisley took his first step into the limelight via the show Chrisley Knows Best, quickly gaining popularity for both his looks and personality. His flamboyant personality subsequently earned him guest appearances on numerous shows, including The View, The Talk, E! News (notably becoming a recurring anchor), and Celebrity Family Feud. All of this led to not only two spin-off TV series-According To Chrisley and Growing Up Chrisleys-but also film roles in Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens as well as other made-for-TV movies like When Love Kills with Steven Seagal; even appearing at one point twice on wife Julie’s cooking show Home Cooking Heroes.

Todd Chrisley, star of the popular reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best,” has a history that includes bankruptcy and criminal indictment. In 2012 he filed for $49 million in debt after his company went bankrupt; however, this didn’t stop him from appearing on television again two years later when Chrisley’s new series debuted. His luck ran out once again last year as he was indicted with crimes including tax evasion and wire fraud – though not before making an appearance at Atlanta Motor Speedway to film scenes for season 9!

Todd Chrisley, who is famous for the show “Chrisleys,” seemed to have it all. He had a good stable of employees and plenty of money in his bank account, but he couldn’t seem to shake off one problem; an employee with a grudge against him that was determined not only to ruin Todd’s life financially speaking by framing him on false charges–but also take away everything else as well. When police raided their house they found the crime scene photos from where Julie & her father supposedly killed someone.

What Makes Chrisley Successful?

Todd Chrisley is living his life to the fullest, having fun and making a spectacle of himself. He has won over many hearts with his good looks and personality that seems genuine at every turn-though some rumours may say otherwise. The family as a whole are all in on it together, taking whatever comes their way in stride and turning it into another charming quirk they can joke about amongst themselves.

America is eager to buy more exposure to the life of this charismatic, powerful man. He’s a germophobe and control freak but that just makes him all the more interesting according to his family. His positive traits are only matched by his negative ones which make for an intriguing watch as he sells not just houses but also himself with astute salesmanship skills full of charm too!

Unlike some reality TV “stars” who are perhaps too fake to be interesting, Todd Chrisley is a real person. His success on his family show is also doubled by the fact that his fascinating and entertaining family doubles its entertainment value. Of course, viewers tune in to Chrisley Knows Best for Christie’s antics as head of household, but there’s plenty else going on… including Julie (his current wife) cooking up her own recipe shows! There’s drama galore with son Kyle fighting bipolar disorder and Chase chasing get-rich schemes instead of maintaining a steady income; let alone Chloe being raised by both parents while still trying to find her identity at 16 years old.


The real Todd Chrisley is a complex man, and the two narratives of his life are not as disparate as they might seem. On one hand, he’s portrayed in the media as an all-American success story with riches and fame to boot. But on another, darker side exists a victim of betrayal who has been wronged by those closest to him: A family friend turned employee turns out to be that thief!

Todd Chrisley is known for his style and charm, but also has a cunning that he doesn’t always show. His success relies on this as well as the considerable wealth accumulated from questionable means like reality TV shows or financial schemes with friends such as LeeAnn Orlando. These ventures have led to him accumulating an estimated net worth of -$5 million in 2022 according to Entrepreneur Magazine’s “The Richest Self-Made Women In America”. But one thing about Todd you can believe: If anyone could turn things around financially it would be himself.

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