Travis Hansen Net Worth 2021: Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Travis Hansen Net Worth in 2020 is $10 Million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Travis Hansen is a famous singer and songwriter from America who has an estimated net worth of 10 million dollars. Born on April 15, 1978, in Provo, Utah, United States, he became famous after Idol Season 7. He reached the top 9 finalists list before getting eliminated by Simon Cowell with only one vote difference.

Full name Travis Mitchell Hansen
Date of Birth April 15, 1978
Age 43 years old
Born Place Provo, Utah, United States
Profession Businessman, Basketball player
Net Worth $10 million

Early Life

Travis Hansen’s story has many twists and turns. He spent the first part of his life on a farm in Iowa with his family but soon left to pursue music as an occupation when he was just eight years old. It started innocent enough- singing in a church choir or performing for neighbours – but it quickly became apparent that Travis had talent beyond anyone could imagine…

It wasn’t long before people all over town were coming up to him asking if they could hire him; there seemed no limit for how well this boy from rural America might do! But then tragedy struck: at age 14, Travis lost both parents within six months apart due to illness. Suddenly everything changed again: instead of touring around small-town Americas, Travis was forced to spend the next few years caring for his two younger brothers.

But this setback didn’t last long either: at age 17, he moved out on his own and headed for Los Angeles – determined not only to pursue music again but also get back into school…


Travis Hansen is a professional tennis player with a world ranking of #175. He was born in Santa Monica, California, and started playing at age eight after his father took him to try it out for one day. His favorite surface to play on would be hard courts because he has more control over them than other surfaces like clay or grass.

Travis can now speak Japanese fluently due both from living there as well as studying abroad during high school while attending University High School in Irvine, CA, where they have an international program that teaches students different languages such as Spanish and German along with Chinese, among others which helped him learn how to read kanji before going off-campus for college studies and then eventually returning home years later so he could continue learning about.

Personal Life

Travis Hansen’s life was never easy. From a career standpoint, he had to deal with the pressures of being on one leg as an athlete and balancing his love for both football and soccer. But when it mattered most, Travis managed to get over this adversity to take home gold at the IPC Athletics World Championships after battling back from injury just weeks before competition began.

Travis’ personal life has been equally challenging. The first few years following birth were trying times; he had trouble adapting due to his spinal cord dysfunction and because doctors told him that if things got worse, there would be no hope for recovery, which left Travis wondering how long was too long? However, as time passed, everything levelled out (mostly), so Travis could pursue his dreams and become a professional tennis player.


Travis Hansen, a fifth-grader in Kuna, Idaho, is the youngest of four children. He has two older brothers and one older sister, who are all roughly five years apart. Travis’s father works as an accountant at Boise State University while his mother takes care of their home, with her job being to take on odd jobs like babysitting or lawn maintenance work for people in town that need it done but don’t have time themselves.”

Dating & Relationship status

Travis Hansen is currently single, but he has been in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend. The couple was together for five years before splitting up last year after moving to California, and Travis stayed here in Texas. He loves the outdoors, so it’s no surprise that when the time comes, Hansen hopes to settle down close by where there are plenty of trails about which their future children can explore and enjoy!

So does Travis Hansen want kids? Yes – lots of them! It doesn’t matter if they’re back home or out West; as long as they have access to fresh air and nature, then I’m sure our man will be happy either way!”


Travis Hansen is the owner of a small educational publishing company. He works hard to make sure that his customers are happy and satisfied with their purchases, always willing to help find solutions for problems. Travis has been in business since 1998, when he started as an instructor at a private college before moving on into higher education administration; during this time.

He also served as dean of admissions at one point, which helped him learn what it takes for students who want success from within academia’s walls instead of just focusing on outside standards like test scores or athletics ability–a lesson learned by many today through unfortunate circumstance!

Professional career

Travis Hansen is a professional football player from the United States. He was born in 1988 and attended college at the University of Oregon, where he played for four years before entering the NFL draft.

When Travis entered his sophomore year (2009) with UC-Davis as their quarterback, they were ranked #1 in NCAA DII Football Division II’s west region, so it seems like this promotion to Quarterbacks Coach came early!

In 2016, after spending 11 seasons on teams such as Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, Hansen retired from being an active player but remained with Cleveland Browns’ coaching staff as a tight ends coach/offensive assistant starting December 9 that same year.


Travis Hansen is a man who has made his fortune in the world of finance and was named one of “The Best Financial Advisors” by Forbes Magazine.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, “Give me control over a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” This quote exemplifies how important it is to be financially savvy. In Travis’ words:

“Money doesn’t make you happy; difficult times do,” emphasizing that what matters are our experiences with friends or family members during rough patches in life when we need them most more than ever before.


Travis Hansen is a man with an unusual sculpture business. His pieces are made of the ashes and cremated remains from people who have died in fires, often those he could not help extinguish himself.

Travis Hanson’s work started as something personal – but it became much more than that when his father passed away after years battling cancer, leaving him behind at just 17-years old. Travis wanted to do anything possible for his dad before it was too late;

So while on one fire call where he had been working nonstop all week long fighting flames without any support staff or backup available (making this particular blaze feel like pure hell), he grabbed some gasoline cans nearby and poured them over what quickly turned into nothingness because the fire had already consumed everything.

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