Trey Anastasio Net Worth 2022, Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

Trey Anastasio Net Worth:

Trey Anastasio is a musical genius with an impressive net worth of $85 million. He’s best known for being the lead vocalist in Phish, but he has also composed over 150 songs by himself since co-founding the band back when it was established in 1987. Outside of his work with Phish, Trey Anastasio acts as singer and songwriter to various artists from around the globe who are looking for that something special touch or sound they can only get at times through him alone!

Trey Anastasio is a renowned musician and composer who has worked with many top orchestras. One of his most well-known projects, the Trey Anastasio Band, takes its inspiration from rock bands such as The Grateful Dead and Phish while exploring new music that’s just barely out of reach for listeners.

In addition to his work with Phish, Trey Anastasio is also an internationally acclaimed composer and musician who has collaborated on Broadway productions. Most notably he was commissioned by Tony Award-winning director Neil Pepe for the original soundtrack of “Hands on a Hardbody.” In recognition of this contribution, Green & Malcolm were nominated for a Tony award as well as additional accolades such as Drama Desk Awards & Outer Critics Circle awards.

Early Life:

Trey Anastasio was born on September 30th of 1964 in Fort Worth, Texas. He moved with his family to Princeton, New Jersey when he was three and eventually graduated from a private school there before attending college at the University of Vermont where he studied music theory and composition. Though many people know him for being the guitarist/singer/songwriter behind the band Phish or as one-half of The Duo de Twang (with Page McConnell), Trey is also known for composing orchestral scores like “The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday,” which has been performed by symphonies around the world since its debut in 2004.

After graduating from high school, Trey Anastasio travelled to Vermont where he studied philosophy. It was during his college years that he met many future members of Phish including Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon and Jeff Holdsworth. In 1983 the group performed together for their first time in a university cafeteria but unfortunately received few enthusiastic responses from audience members; at one point returning home to New Jersey reconnecting with childhood friends such as Tom Marshall and Marc Daubert before also adding Page McConnell into the mix who would eventually become a member of Pish too – despite this not always be an easy task!


After founding Phish, the group became known for musical improvisation and exploring numerous genres. Besides being the lead guitarist and vocalist since their inception, Anastasio has also served as a composer of many songs over time. One important album is entitled “The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday,” which was Trey’s senior project in college that took place during his final year at Goddard College when he studied film scoring with guidance from mentor Fred Frith (who had previously worked on films such as The Shining).

Trey Anastasio and the other members of Phish took themselves more seriously after their second album was released. This is what led to “Junta,” which would be their first full-length album, as well as significant exposure on MTV in the 1990s. They went from playing small gigs across America to major tours with fame hitting them hard by 2004 when they decided it was time for a break up before coming back together again in 2009 releasing another reunion LP entitled Joy that included live performances featuring Trey at some points too!

Legal Issues:

In 2006, Trey was pulled over by the police in Whitehall. He then failed his sobriety test and found himself facing a DUI charge as officers searched through his vehicle to find heroin and an assortment of other drugs after he pleaded guilty at court with reduced felony drug charges which included 14 months of rehab followed by community service hours. After completing this program successfully for two years, Anastasio’s conviction became just a misdemeanour offence- sober since 2007!

Real Estate:

Trey, the famous actor and director of Sex in The City fame is currently listing his home for sale. Located on Palisades high street in Snedens Landing, New York, this luxury property offers buyers a beautiful view overlooking the Hudson River which lies just 25 minutes outside Manhattan. With its own private rocky cove located next to 2 acres of parkland adjacent to Broadway’s waterfront esplanade (Jazz at Lincoln Center), Trey’s house has an elegant touch with modern features such as stainless steel appliances; it also includes three bedrooms spanning over 2121 square feet!

In 2018, Trey Anastasio was still trying to sell his home in New York City after accepting a major loss from the previous year. In an effort to regain some of that money lost, he dropped the price down by $700K and later settled on selling for only around 1 million USD less than what it cost him ten years ago. To make up even more ground with this drop, he also sold off one of his co-op apartments located just outside Central Park where he originally purchased back in 2006 for almost 2.6 Million USD!

In addition to their studio in Burlington, Vermont, Phish also owns a rural property they refer to as “The Barn” or “The Farmhouse,” which has been used for most of the band’s recordings since 1999. A number of other artists have also recorded at The Barn including Bela Fleck and John Patitucci.

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