Tsu Surf Net Worth (2022): How Rich Is The Battle Rapper?

Tsu Surf Net Worth: Tsu Surf is a well-known battle rapper from the US. His rap battle appearances at SMACK/URL events have earned him the most acclaim. Tsu is also well-known for his mixtapes “Tsue Me,” “Garden Grillz,” and “Newark.” Tsu Surf’s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000 as of 2022.

Full Name Rahjon Cox
Birth Date January 15, 1990
Birth Place Newark, New Jersey, U. S.
Profession Battle Rapper
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $800 thousand

Tsu Surf Childhood

As a young artist from New Jersey, Rahjon Cox is no stranger to success. He started his own record label and has worked with some of today’s top rap artists including Jadakiss (who he signed as an After Glow affiliate) Jay Z, DMX etc. In June 2013 at the SMACK/URL: NIM3 event in Los Angeles CA., Surf faced Hollow da Don whom many consider one if not the best rappers out of their country. They both put on an amazing performance which will long be remembered by all those who attended this battle between two great warriors – Tsu Surf won.

Tsu’s Surf’s Net Worth & Career & Kevin Durant

When he was just starting out, people knew him as the host of rap battles. He released his first album in 2016 and it quickly became popular with NBA star Kevin Durant on one track! For several years before 2019 had even come around there were already plenty more mixtapes releases from this talented young man- all throughout which you can hear how much Tuki has grown both artistically speaking but also personally too through these albums because they show different sides not always seen outside Slip n’ Slide records. Tsu Surf Net Worth is estimated to be $800,000 in 2022.

In January 2019, he released his album “Seven25.” Music fans responded enthusiastically to the song with over 6 million streaming views on Spotify and 1 billion YouTube video clicks within just six months of being uploaded!

In reality, though it’s not all good news for this successful artist as they also announced that 2 out of 3 Americans don’t know what day today is (I’m sorry if you’re reading this one!). But thank goodness we have somebody like Surfin’ hardest who can absolutely kill them both lyrically AND meter-wise while still making sure every word counts – because Tsu Surf knows how to make his words into gold! Tsu surf’s net worth is currently $800,000 (2019).

With the release of his newest album, Surf will be bringing us some new music. The first single Quarantine Tales has gained popularity among fans due to its deep vocals and catchy beat that makes you want to dance in your seat! With over 1 million views on YouTube for this video alone, it’s clear what people think about when they hear “Surf.”

Tsu Surf’s Personal Life, Drugs, & Arrest

Despite the lack of evidence that he is married, there have been a few reports stating otherwise. In 2017 and 2018 Tsu Surf was involved in conflicts which led him to be detained at one point and then imprisoned for marijuana possession charges after being arrested multiple times before this latest shooting on July 25th 2018. He required surgery but has since fully recovered from his injuries and Tsu was at the centre of a heated debate when fans began arguing that he had actually shot himself.

Tsu Surf’s Net Worth

Tsu Surf’s rap battle career has given him the opportunity to amass an estimated $800,000 in personal fortune. He also earns money from music album sales and YouTube channel subscriptions which account for 63K subscribers on his own!

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