Tyler The Creator Net Worth 2022: Update Age, Height, Weight, Bio, Wiki, and Career Details

In the words of Kendrick Lamar, “the Creator is a rapper”. With his own net worth stretching up to $16 million dollars and recent collaborations with some major artists such as Beyonce, T-Pain, Big Boi from Outkast…you know he must be doing something right!

Early Life:

Tyler Gregory Okonma was born in the Los Angeles area of Ladera Heights, California on March 6th 1991. His mother is a mixed black and European-Canadian woman; his father whom he has never met is Nigerian by descent. He spent most of his childhood years living with various relatives around Greater Los Angeles neighbourhoods such as Hawthorne and Ladera Heights before ending up at 12 different schools within LA County in total over the course of twelve schooling experience from kindergarten to twelfth-grade education during 1993 until 2014 respectively after graduating from high school where Tyler continued courses till 2016 when finally graduated college with an undergraduate degree majoring in business administration dual specialization bachelor’s degrees between marketing management & entrepreneurship which led him into being CEO/Founder for streaming company, Golf Media.


Tyler, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain and Casey Veggies founded the Odd Future collective in 2007. The group’s first mixtape was self-released in late 2008 with Tyler releasing his solo debut “Bastard” on December 25th 2009 which he followed up by going viral for his song Yonkers in early 2011 then winning it at number 32 on Pitchfork Media Top Albums 2010 list.

The first time Tyler the Creator appeared on TV was in 2011 when he performed “Sandwiches” with Odd Future during Jimmy Fallon’s show. He has since then had other appearances including his own television show called Loiter Squad, which featured pranks and music performances.

Tyler released the first single from his second album, “Wolf,” on Valentine’s Day 2013. That same day he made another appearance with Jimmy Fallon to perform two songs live in front of a studio audience. In March and April 2014 Tyler embarked on a tour across Europe and North America before releasing Wolf also in early April that year leading up to Coachella Festival 2015 where he performed alongside Kanye West among others at one of the most talked-about performances this past Spring/Summer season for music fans worldwide who were tuned into what was happening overseas when it came to Hip Hop culture as well as American Pop Culture simultaneously influencing each other through social media platforms today like Twitter & YouTube for example or Facebook Live which is being used by more than just musicians these days.

Tyler is a rapper with five studio albums under his belt. In 2018, he released “Flower Boy,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Album Chart and was nominated for Best Rap Album in 2019’s Grammy Awards. Tyler had two singles from this album: Boredom and I Ain’t Got Time! That year Kendrick Lamar took home the award.

A few months later, Tyler surprised fans by releasing his fifth album called Igor after originally announcing it would be out in 2020 or 2021. It also made its debut at number one on the charts because of strong sales numbers during Black Friday weekend (November 23-25).

Personal Life:

Tyler the Creator is an atheist. A number of his lyrics are anti-religious, which has sparked speculation about him being gay or bisexual in past interviews and on social media platforms. In 2018 he dated Jaden Smith who identifies as gender fluid/nonbinary (something Tyler publically supported) but they broke up earlier this year with no explanation given to fans aside from a tweet that said “I’m not perfect either just to make things clear.”

Real Estate:

Hip-hop artist Tyler the Creator purchased an enormous mansion in Atlanta, GA for $2.6 million dollars.

In 2012, it was reported that hip hop artist and Odd Future co-founder Tyler The Creator bought a huge 8,000 square foot home from former pro football player Keith Marshall in North East Georgia’s Toco Hills neighbourhood of Duluth (near Buckhead). Built on approximately one acre with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms plus garages to house up to 12 cars – this is quite a purchase!


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