Wayne Rooney Net Worth 2022: Biography, Income, Career

Wayne Rooney is a British footballer with an estimated net worth of $170 million and an annual salary of $26 million. He has won the Premier League five times, been named FIFA Club World Cup Most Valuable Player twice (once for Manchester United in 2008), as well as won two European Golden Boots from 2009 to 2010 while playing for Everton FC. In addition, he’s received many individual honours including Premiership player of the year on three occasions – once at Manchester United (in 2004) and twice more after moving back to his boyhood club Everton when they were crowned Champions in the 2007-2008 season; FWA Footballer Of The Year 2006/2007 season; BBC Sports Personality Of The Year 2003–2004 Season).

Early Life:

Wayne Rooney is one of the most well-known football players in history. He was born on October 24, 1985, to Jeanette and Thomas Rooney in a Roman Catholic household with his brothers Graham and John also being raised by their parents. As a youth he played for various teams including Liverpool Schoolboys, Copplehouse boys’ club, Kirkdale junior league before finally joining Everton Football Club at age 9 where he would later go pro when only 16 years old! His performance during this time impressed everyone so much that BBC Young Sport named him as “Player Of The Year.”


In 2004, Manchester United snatched up Wayne Rooney after the club reached a £25.6 million deal with Everton. He wore #8 and in his first match with United he became the youngest player to score a hat-trick in Champions League history! In 2008, Rooney signed an extension contract which kept him at Man U for another four years while scoring 11 goals that season making him their top scorer during league play. Once again, on September 16th of this year (2005), Wayne made headlines by becoming England’s all-time leading goal scorer when he scored against Slovakia from 25 yards out – just 17 days before turning 23 years old!

Rooney began wearing the #10 jersey and was sidelined for six weeks due to a broken metatarsal. He also suffered an ankle injury, but still managed 18 goals in that season of competition as his team won the Champions League’s all-English final. In 2008, Wayne played both games at UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World cup before he injured his hamstring in January 2009 which caused him to miss out on important matches like playing against Barcelona where United lost 2-0 or losing consecutive Premier league match 3 times consecutively (January 5th – 28). But Rooney recovered from this setback when he scored one goal each time missed yet again became a man of the Match twice more: December 27th vs Chelsea FC 4–4 draw & April 22nd 2010 Manchester

Wayne Rooney has been a Manchester United player since 2004 and is one of the club’s most famous players. In February 2014, he signed another contract extension agreeing to play for United until 2019; in January 2017, Wayne became the top goalscorer in Man U history when he scored his 250th goal there. That same year (2017), after playing just 3 games with Everton FC as an 18-year old apprentice footballer on loan from ManU, Rooney was named their captain before quickly transitioning into D.C.’s leading scorer by December of that year while also becoming team MVP at season end – all this without being able to legally drink alcohol yet!

Personal Life:

Rooney has had a multitude of successes in his life and career. He married Coleen McLoughlin on June 12, 2008, they have 4 sons together: Kai (born November 2009), Klay (born May 2013), Kit (born January 2016) and Cass born February 2018). In 2006 he signed a 5-book publishing deal with HarperCollins who agreed to pay him £5 million in advance plus royalties for the first five books released by Rooney! Including “My Story So Far” published October 30th 2007 which sold over 600000 copies as well as being translated into 7 languages including Japanese & Korean; followed up by “The Official Wayne Rooney Annual”.

Awards and Honors:

Wayne Rooney has won a number of titles and awards throughout his career, including England Player of the Year for four consecutive years (2008-2011) as well as Premier League top scorer in 2009. He is also Manchester United all-time goal scorer which makes him one of the most successful players to have ever played at that club alongside Sir Bobby Charlton.

Real Estate:

It might not be long before Wayne and Coleen own a vacation property in every corner of the world. They’ve already purchased three homes, but they have their sights set on more! Though there’s no one place that could compare to England for them – it really is a home sweet home.

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