What Is Wendell Holland Net Worth? Take A Look At His Age, Girlfriend, And Website

Wendell Holland Net Worth

$1 Million

Wendell Holland is a reality TV star who has appeared in several shows, but it was his win on the Survivor: The Island series that made him famous. He now boasts an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars and continues to appear as both actor and businessman across various projects throughout media platforms such as film roles in Hollywood films. Through these ventures, we can learn more about this successful individual’s business endeavours which include owning property abroad along with running two separate law firms back home – one specializing primarily in criminal defence lawyers while another provides other types of legal services.

Quick Facts About Wendell Holland

Wendell Holland Estimated Net Worth $1 million-$5 million
Age 36
Date Of Birth 8th March 1982
Gender Male
Profession Reality Star and Businessman
Married/Dating Single
Height 6 feet and 1 inch (186cm)

Wendell Holland Jobs – Reality Shows And Furniture Company

This 31-year old actor’s career as a castaway on Survivor: Ghost Island and winners at War has not been officially confirmed yet, but it is said that he made more than $1 million dollars from them. In addition to this news article about his net worth in 2019 – which currently stands around 800 thousand dollars (with appearances fees factored) –, fans can also see him hosting two different TV shows where homeowners get their house remodelled by none other than themselves!

Wendell Holland Furniture – Detail On His Company

Wendell is not just a reality TV star and entrepreneur, he also manages his own furniture company. Be Unlimited produces wooden-based products such as beds that can be sold online or in stores across America; it has an excellent website with tons of information about how people could customize their purchase per preference too!

Wendell’s company also has a merchandise section where buyers can purchase apparel. For example, they offer the Beve T-shirt ($25) and more! You may want to check it out if you’re looking for some new gear or just want something personalised with your name on it like I do 🙂

Wendell Holland Career – How Did He Become Reality Star and Start Business

Wendell’s career as an artist began after he completed his studies. He served as an assistant clerk for a short time, but the job didn’t last long and became interested in designing wooden furniture; initially making only one bed which received positive comments from friends/family members alike because it boost Wendell’s confidence level so high! From there on out – everything else is history…

The rest shall remain untold except to say that this man has been on both sides: preparing food among other things while also creating beautiful pieces such none greater than those found within Beve Unlimited Collection.?

Wendell Holland Wife – Everything On His Love Life

Wendell, who is an actor and entrepreneur with a huge fan following of his own has been able so far in keeping his private life low key for himself. However as long he keeps it this way there’s no telling what might happen next!

Shortly after his split from Michele, Wendell began dating Nicole. It is unknown how long they were together or what caused their relationship to end but in November 2016 both stars walked down separate paths when it became clear that this romance wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon

Wendell Holland Wiki – Age And Education

Wendell Holland is a self-made man who graduated from law school with honors. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 8th March 1984 to parents Frank and June (Holland) His birth sign is Pisces which tells us he listens well as someone would expect him to do so after listening for years upon end about court situations or other legal matters between friends/family members discussing their own experiences dealing within these types cases; however, we can’t forget that this particular animal also has quite an emotional side when it comes down at least some aspect s tend deal accordingly!

Who Is Wendell Holland Family? Detailed Info On His Siblings And Parents

He was born to an attorney and has not opened up anything about his birth mother.

In addition, he is known for having several siblings but there’s no information on them either; except that they’re all quite young at this time (most likely still children).

Wendell Holland Height And Size Measurements

The tall and muscular Wendell stands at a height of 6 feet, with an impressive weight 85kg (187 lbs) chest measurement. His waist is also 36 inches around while his biceps are 30in on each arm from shoulder to fingers tips. In addition to this, he has a 9-inch shoe size which means that Holland fits into these nicely!

Info On Wendell Holland Nationality And Religion

Unlike many of the other contestants on Survivor: Africa, Wendell was born in America and follows Christianity.

Interesting Facts About Wendell Holland

  • Wendell has an Instagram account, @wendellholland. And 51.8k people follow him as of writing.
  • His birth name is Wendell Foster Holland Jr.
  • In 2018, Wendell was nominated for the People’s Choice Award in the Competition Contestant of 2018 for being the winner of Survivor: Ghost Island.
  • He was placed #13 for his participation in the 40th season of the Survivor series, Survivor: Winners At War.

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