Who Is Elliott on ‘Growing up Chrisley’? Net worth of Chrisley Knows Best …

Elliott Kennedy Chrisley: Elliott Kennedy is known for his appearance in the American reality television series Chrisley knows best as Chase Chrisley’s friend. Viewers are wondering what is Kennedy’s net worth. Elliott is estimated to have a net worth of at least 3.5 million USD which is a lot compared to that of his friend Chase Chrisley who is somewhere around $2 million.

The fan-favourite Elliott first appeared in the series back in its first season with the Chrisley family despite their differences. He is not directly related to the Chrisley family members which the series features. He is the friend of one of the main cast of the series, Chase Chrisley. Kennedy is also a part of the show’s spinoff Growing up Chrisley. 

While Chase Chrisley has been a part of the show as the main cast from the beginning, viewers grew fond of his friend Elliot Kennedy.

Elliott often posts pictures and videos of himself on his Instagram with the declaration of the new season of the show.

In the beginning, Elliott started as Chase’s manager. He had personally convinced Chase to hire him as his manager. He is no longer in that position.

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Chase and Elliott have been rumored of owning a business together. Albeit unofficial, it is possible that they might have derived their fortune from the fully-fledged kombucha brewing company that they are rumored to co-own. Chase’s Instagram has only mentioned his candle business. So it is equally likely that the Kombucha brewing company might be their future business venture. We might get to know the truth in the future.

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Elliott Kennedy Chrisley Net Worth

$3.5 Million.

Who is Elliott Kennedy?

Kennedy is a recurring guest on the reality shows Growing Up Chrisley and Knows Best. His date of birth isn’t known, but he’s in his early to mid-twenty-something years old with dark hair that ranges from brown to black depending on how much time passes since last seen by viewers who follow him through social media outlets such as Instagram where people can see pictures every day documenting life at home for this fan base favorite!

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His social media posts show that he loves spending time around water fishing, which might be why the casting directors implied Elliott wouldn’t need to appear on camera often. 

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Elliott is not just a reality TV manager and fisherman; according to his Instagram account (which has over 7 thousand followers), this guy also likes getting messy in kitchens!

One fan tweeted with a hashtag of the show:

Elliot is hilarious #growingupchrisley

When he’s not busy running the family business or working on their hit reality show, Elliott Chrisley teams up with Chase and Savannah to help get rid of pesky pests.

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Elliott Kennedy’s age and career

As Chase is 25, Elliott is thought to be around his mid-twenties.

He’s also a fisherman for a living, as he’s been spotted on his Instagram fishing.

The star of this movie isn’t Chase anymore, even though he got a job as an extra. Elliott no longer manages Chase, although he once did.

Following the casting agency’s ultimately telling him that he’s not needed, leading to him firing best friend Elliott, which led to him breaking up with Chase.

His pictures show that he’s probably spending most of his time out on the water fishing.

If there’s any family to pranks, it’s the Sullivans.

Elliott in Growing up with Chrisley

Chrisley knows best was first aired in 2014 airing on the USA network. It has its eighth season aired in 2020. The show’s spinoff Growing up with Chrisley was aired in 2019.  Elliott got a fair share on the screen. Though he had no experience in reality TV shows before. His presence was liked by the viewers.

Kennedy’s love for being around water ( source: Instagram)

Despite being fired by his best friend as manager, he still worried about Chase’s dating life. The two love to golf and fish together but Elliott seems pretty close with just one person -Chase! He doesn’t get along at all in fact from what we’ve seen so far: There was that time when they were filming a video where it looked like him pranking dad Todd Chrisley while seated next door on the couch…

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USA Network has released a clip of the duo giving their virtual house tour. The video, which can be found online and on YouTube starts with them greeting the camera at the front door before moving into different areas inside their home.”

The clip started with them greeting the camera at their front door. More snippets of the family can be found over on YouTube also.

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Since his appearance on ‘Growing up Chrisley,’ Elliott has been on ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ as well.

The stars of Chrisley Knows Best are Kellyanne Conway and Martha Stewart. She is married to Todd Chrisley, who plays Richie Cunningham. The fans were happy to see him on recent episodes of the show, despite Todd being wary of him. One user wrote, “Gotta love Elliott, he is hilarious!” and another wrote, “Elliott my man.” During Season 8 of Chrisley Knows Best, Todd Chrisley hires Elliott as an assistant, which makes Chase uncomfortable, because he doesn’t like him. The cult of Savannah is not a cult at all. The place for women to support each other, grow and learn is provided by this organization. Todd blames himself for being silly because he realized that he was being silly. It’s clear that Elliot has a large presence on the USA Network despite not being very active on social networking sites. On Thursdays at 9 p.m., you can watch Chrisley Knows Best on the USA Network. The fourth season for Chrisley was renewed in August. The premiere will take place in the summer of 2022.

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