Who Is Gail Golden? Here Is Everything You Want To Know About Her Dating Life

Gail Golden who became the internet sensation as the hottest IT consultant is reportedly dating NBA star, James Harden. In one of her selfies posted almost a year back, she was seen flaunting a beautiful Diamond ring on her ring finger. Her name was linked to Harden back in December 2019  when she shared her pictures standing right on the court in Houston. The rumor gave even more spotlight to the already famous Instagram star Gail.

Gail has disabled comments on that particular picture. It could be due to the overwhelming response from the fans.

The rumor had been around for a while. But neither of the two had ever spoken up about their relationship. Most celebrities straight up deny any kind of rumor involving their dating life. Therefore their not speaking of it added even more speculation about their relationship. The rumor that started a year ago had started to cool down before she posted the selfie with the ring brought it up again. Although a precise answer of whether she is dating Harden is unofficial, that selfie has kept fans suspecting that they might have made their relationship official.

Based on her Instagram, Gail attended Rockets’ games for longer than five weeks in a row. Some of her Instagram videos include close-ups and zoomed-in boomerangs of Houston Rockets star James Harden.

Who is Gail Golden?

When Gail’s LinkedIn profile said that she was a software engineer, it didn’t give much insight into the type or extent of work that would be expected from her career. But by looking at other aspects such as education and professional experience we can get an idea about what makes this woman tick! For example: “She graduated in 2012.” With just these two pieces of information alone there is already so much more than meets the eye – which speaks volumes for how well qualified/knowledgeable someone might become if given certain responsibilities within any given organization!

Not too many IT consultants go viral on the internet but her exceptional looks stood out to those who watched. Her captivating selfies were one reason she gained popularity before any news about their relationship with Harden came up, though it is believed that this may have been a contributing factor as well given how often people share pictures like these from celebrities or other public figures when they’re dating someone new in order create hype for them without actually having anything useful/related content themselves yet!

When it comes to health and fitness, Gail is relentless in her pursuit of success. The Los Angeles native has posted pictures on Instagram of herself during weight loss sessions with the hashtag “#weightlossjourney.” She used this platform as well when she completed a 28-day challenge last year where she lost almost 75 pounds–from normalcy weighing around 50kg or 110 lbs., down under 40 after exercising daily, AND limiting food intake only twice per day!

Gail’s father passed away last October, the same month as her birthday. She often posts about him on social media and loves to spend time hiking with family members or traveling abroad together!

Less known facts about Gail

Age 35 years
Birthplace Austin, Texas
Siblings 3
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 68 kg
Star sign Libra

Gail’s rumored boyfriend James Harden

Houston Rocket’s James Harden rates among the top players in his sport, averaging over 37 points per game. His two siblings and high school days were enough to keep him focused on playing basketball professionally since 2012 when he joined Houston’s team after being drafted by them from UCLA College Years ago where they won national titles made this star player stand out even more! So far no one has been able or gotten close enough for an interview with either party but there have been some interesting rumors flying around- including ones linking him recently claiming girlfriend Gail Mary confrontation over their dating lives!

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