Who Is Rachael Taylor Dating in 2022? Here Is A Relationship History Of The Australian Actress

The Australian actress and model Rachael Taylor began her acting career with a 2005 Australian series, headLand. The actress is currently dating the director, photographer, and actor, Mike Piscitelli. Some sources have even claimed that the couple is secretly married. However, there has been no official statement from any of them regarding the marriage rumor.

After dating for several years, Rachael and Mike got engaged to each other in 2017. The 37 years old actress has dated many famous personalities before she began dating Mike. Some of her relationships even turned out to be controversial. Most of Rachael’s relationships didn’t last very long. Only after dating Mike, Taylor seem more settled in her romantic relationship.

Who is Rachael Taylor’s beau Mike Piscitelli?

Mike Piscitelli is an American photographer, film director, and co-founder of the Fucking Awesome social media company with his friend Andrew Stewart. He grew up in Tarzana California where he started assisting top photographers at 18 years old before pursuing a career in photography/film by shifting to New York City after high school graduation. It was then that Mike met tons more amazing people who have influenced both himself professionally as well personally throughout these past few decades including other famous actors & directors from Hollywood like Martin Scorsese (a close personal friend).

When Rachael Newton ended her relationship with Matthew in 2010, she didn’t date anyone else for five years. It was only after that long hiatus did Mike start coming into the picture and they have been happily together ever since!

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Mike and Rachael began dating in 2015 after the end of Rachael’s relationship with ex-fiance, Matthew Newton in 2010. She didn’t date Mike until 5 years later. In an interview with Daily Life, Rachael stated:

It’s one of the things I’m most proud of, my relationship with him

Mike is not very active on social media with only one post on his Instagram profile. The only post he has made is about the short film he and Rachael had made together.

The couple looks happy with each other. Fans are glad that Rachael finally found love after a history of an abusive relationships.

Rachael Taylor’s Past Relationships

Rachael has come a long way since her abusive relationship with Matthew Newton. She was a victim of domestic violence in her relationship with him. Newton had attacked her right after his proposal to her. About the relationship, Rachael wrote in a first-person essay:

I was a victim of domestic violence. I don’t think any woman thinks that they will become an addition to these statistics .At first, my reasons for keeping my experience of domestic violence to myself were very simple. I felt ashamed. I felt stupid. I felt very sad.

Before that, Rachael was rumored to be dating Zachary Levi between 2007 and 2008. She dated Jason Trawick in 2008 which ended shortly afterwards.

Inside The Life Of The Actress

When she was just a little girl, Rachael Taylor wanted to be an actress. She continued performing in plays throughout school hours and even held down her spot as lead role during graduation rehearsals! It wasn’t until 2000 that the pressure from family convinced this aspiring performer into taking up degree courses so they could have someone home at night instead of running around town all day-but not without sacrificing what matters most: pursuing your dreams.

Rachael is an Australian with a flair for the dramatic. She began her acting career by playing minor roles in movies like Manthing, Transformer, and Shutter before modeling for Skye-Jilly Internationals’ fashion show videos alongside Miss Teen Tasmania 1998 finalist status last year Natalie Wood See No Evil appearances here she goes again!

Instagram is a great way to keep up with what people are doing, but it can also give you insight into their personal lives. Rachael has 277k followers on her Instagram account and 59K followers on Twitter which means that many of them follow both platforms as well! She posts quite often about work-related topics from the time off she’s taking now or how excited she was when something happened at the job site today – things like those make me feel like I know this woman better than anyone else out there right now because we share such common interests.

Quick Facts About Rachael

Birthplace Launceston
Siblings none
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dyed Blonde
Zodiac Sign Cancer

What Is The Net Worth Of Rachael Taylor?

Rachael has been working in the entertainment industry for many years now. She’s built an impressive resume that includes movies, modelling contracts, and most importantly acting roles! Her net worth is 4 million dollars – mostly coming from successful careers as an actor/actress which she loves to do more than anything else on earth.

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Rachael Taylor’s Height, Weight, Body Measurement

Rachael Taylor is a gorgeous and petite woman with an incredible body that many people would love to get their hands on!

Rachel’s height is 5’8″. She weighs 57kg – just under 2 pounds per astronaut’s load demands in space travelling attire. Her measurements are 32-24-,30 inches which make her appear very curvy despite being slimmer than most women due to topographies of both breasts (A cups) or hips/waist ratio (0 scoring in both).

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